Soaring White's Yun playlist



-EP 6,25,26,56,65,66 were all lost within twitch.
–These games were played on the PC version of Arcade Edition
-v.2012 Yun

Me autopiloting to A+ and beyond.

There is over 40 hours of ranked matches inside.
I get a lot of criticism for my style, but it works online and I was playing online so suck it.

Bonuses included on the playlist are : XBL mirror matches with kazunoko & michael tan, 4 episodes of cammy ranked, PC matches vs shinji and hotmailabel.

As I have said before I am done streaming and sharing anything with anyone. I am sure this is enough of a contribution if anything.
Lastly, nothing but love for all my Soaring White Dragons out there!


No stream archive?

#3 look for videos titled Mohib (Yun) live there are 10 parts released so far.


Have to watch all


Updated with playlist of all uptodate


U know me?


Updated. Check out the playlist. Got the A+ back Sitting on #2 & #8 Yun for PC.


Random lunge punch,random dp REPEAT


Thank you!!! I have been wanting to learn Yun :slight_smile:


Online tactics work online. :slight_smile:


Sounds like someone was being a try hard with online tactics. Just pick Blanka.


Watching you play Yun makes me feel I’m far too honest. But with Ultra I’ll be yolo lunge punching all day…


lmao I have offline tactics too I just don’t use them because why? There is over 40 hours of footage here.

e/ Matches go so much quicker


I play USF4 too honestly too. Hopefully I can change that soon.