I’ve been having a really hard time finding a purpose for the sobat (b/f medium kick). Even when I’m watching pro matches I rarely seem to use it, but when I browse the forums I see many posts saying how great sobat is without much explanation as to why. Just wondering if someone could enlighten me to it’s purpose and use. Thanks in advance!


Go over sagats low shots…


That can’t be it lol.


That’s all I personally know.
Since I don’t go to the character forums at all.


I use the sobat kick alot. I don’t know why I use it…but I do.


Was playing around with it sometime ago and it’s actually pretty useful for AAing divekicks or shenanigans such as doing on opponents’ wakeup follow with a boom or again. It’s -1 on block if you hit it normally so it’s not really good to use it up close. You can AA some jump-in attacks too but have to do it late.



Hmmm, yeah that seems interesting actually. Might have to throw it in a bit when retreating for spacing


Rexell! Where have you been hiding this anti dive kick tech! I’ve used it for AA’s occaisionally, but it’s usually by accident when I mess up a neutral

I think has 2 purposes. One is to go under low fireballs. Sagat immediately comes to mind, but it’s also useful against Juri in this respect too… although you should be trying to just outzone her, it’s decent if you want to get close and she is abusing low fireballs.

It’s also great against characters who can’t use crouching attacks to get under it while needing to rely on crouching attacks. A great example here is E. Ryu. Good E. Ryu’s rely a lot on for big damage. Against normal ryu’s, both attacks whiff normally, leaving ryu at the advantage, but it always works on the evil. Other characters I can see this working on is bison, rufus, viper, dee jay, blanka, cody, oni, and maybe sakura. Don’t even think about using it on tiny characters or characters with a command normal slide like ibuki, sim, or rose though. The slide always seems to win or leave them at an advantage.

I’ve also noticed that it has kind of a strange hitbox that is farther forward than it seems. Like, say gouken tosses a fireball and you backfisted a little too late, thus you eat the fireball as a counterhit. If you used at the same time and range, you might instead get a trade… which just looks weird. Like the fireball comes out sure enough, but the foot sneaks past the fireball. I think we should experiment more with this.


Actually, I’ve posted this vid before in the vid thread but I think no one really pays attention to my vids cos I’m not really good and my play isn’t interesting to watch. Also, it’s hard to find a good opponent in PC.

I suddenly remembered that I’ve used it against T-Hawk’s CD before and it’ll hit clean too if you aim it correctly. If they try to whiff the CD into his command grab ultra, it’ll miss Guile. It can also hit Ryu’s and j.hp, Sagat’s when done correctly. I’m thinking it’ll hit all jump-ins clean but it’s really hard to time it compared to as it has a slow startup and you have to aim it such that it hits at the furthest range with consideration to you opponent’s attack hurtbox.


@Rexell, I’m on PC all the time. I’ve actually tried joining your rooms in endless and ranked a few time but never got through.


Yea PC has this problem that you can’t ever seem to join certain players’ lobbies. Anyway, I’m from Singapore and if you’re from Europe or US, then we can’t play too cos it’ll be only 1 bar connection.


That’s interesting because I join with tons of people from Europe. All the way from Germany to Finland and Brazil and connect fine.


2:48 sobat a focus attack on Dudley. [media=youtube]p_7tcLLN8go[/media]

1:35 sobat on scissor kick and 2:34 on psycho crusher.(lol at beating the fella pretty much the same way.) [media=youtube]vMT3kMwVM_E[/media]


I’ve been trying to use it to counter crouch teching, since it goes over lows.

Do you have good connections against europeans? I’d love to make some matches against good Guiles.


I do. I run off of a 10mb upload and well, it also depends on my opponent’s connection as well.


It does stop Ken’s forward step kick.


Just played vs bison for awhile and the Sobat actually beats (sometimes trades) with scissor kick. It also goes over his down fierce trip. So basically backing up with sobat instead of walking gave me a couple free hits per round almost, was really awesome.


Use it a lot against C. Viper as a way to evade seismo. Another way the back sobat can be useful, is when I’m at a range where my char stops walking back and blocks when the other guy presses buttons. I used to get stuck like an idiot. Now, I just sobat my way out.

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There’s times when I go into a ground offensive by doing a forward mk and hit with the tip of the boot followed by an immediate st.hp. I usually catch Counterhits off of the st.hp.

Edit: Other times I’ll use the forward sobat (whiffed) to get the opponent to press a button and counterhit it with a xx sonic boom.

Edit(2): You’ll see me use it here at 0:50 against this Ryu.



I’ve been testing Sobat in training mode and I noticed something unique. A sobat on whiff travels roughly 1 3/4 squares backwards, but a sobat on HIT and Block travels around 3 1/4 squares! To put this in perspective a backdash travels 2 1/4 squares. I’ve been using sobat as an espace tool lately, and it’s really been helping a lot.