I made this website mostly for myself and the ST players in the NW, but I thought other people might find it helpful as well

I’ve been working on translating the eight strategy questions for each character in the back of the YBH, and all but six characters are done as of this post
I should have the rest done by tomorrow night

It’s also got some other exciting stuff, so check it out! and if you have anything ST related you want hosted, I’ll be glad to do it!


oh, and let me know if you find any errors in my translations, I’m far from fluent in Japanese :slight_smile:

First! … J/k …LOL

Your the Man!

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I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

I did a lot of code reworking today, and there are now five different flavors to choose from!

No new content today, but you can expect the final six characters to be done by tomorrow night

Good shit on the translations bud!

I was always curious about the 8 Q.s

Good stuff. :tup:


Oh wait, I meant your Snatcher avatar. Your site rocks as well. :tup:

Bookmarked for life.

OMG awesome man.

Thx for your effort.

Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m glad other people are finding it helpful!

I put up four more characters a couple days ago, all that’s left now is Honda and Gief (but who plays them anyways? I mean really, come on :wink:)

I would actually appreciate it if you put up the Gief info. I’m trying to get a little better with him. Thank you in advance:wgrin:

I was just kidding, it will go up as soon as I finish it :smiley:

edit: I also just put a forum up:

I will keep it up if people want me to, but if no one will use it I’ll just take it down

Gief and Honda will be finished tonight :tup:

While SRK is nice, a completely dedicated site to ST is awesome. I am signed up, and look forward to the updates.

Zangief is up, but Honda has an extremely overwhelming looking Q3, so I will tackle it tomorrow

I’ve got something planned for after I finish the YBH stuff, so be looking forward to that :slight_smile:

edit: oh! and register at the forum! :slight_smile:

I’ll sign up.

It’ll be nice for ST to have character specific forums like the other games, I mean… Marvel has a board for Roll and we don’t even get nice, organized sections.

Would make discussing the game and characters a lot easier.

Thanks for putting up the YBH stuff, hopefully it all goes online eventually. I doubt there will ever be the day I desire to import a book for 60+ dollars, especially without the ability to figure out its content.

Honda is up! That completes all the characters, minus a few answers I’m having trouble translating

If you haven’t signed up at the forums yet, do it! :smiley:

Check your email.

If Julien will humor you, I suggest an “ask zass” thread. Shit, that could be your whole forum right there. Him, James and NKI are the only regular posters (<- NB) who actually know anything about the game. Everyone else is just scratching around in the dark.

Wow, thanks for the corrections. I liked the one for Sagat’s Q2, because you’re absolutely right :sad:

I like the ask zass idea, but that’s more up to him than it is me. What do you say, Julien?

An ask Zass section could be a Sobat Carnival exclusive. He is too beastly.

I forgot my password to my account already. :sad:

forgot your password?

Yeah, but I never got the email for it, I did that last night. :sad: