hm, I just tested it, it worked fine for me

try it one more time, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just delete your account and you can remake it

site news: I updated the YBH stuff with the errors nohoho corrected (thanks again!)

I apologise if this insults you, but why would you make another forum, when we have a perfectly good one here? Doesn’t it only seperate already a small community?

We post on both, if you look at a lot of the discussion on Umbrella’s site a lot of it is very Seattle-centric (Like referring to Chun’s j. f+mp as a “Julian Blake”). Also at SRK if you have a question about the game you will be beasted instantly by 800 people telling you to use the search forum and stuff, whereas with sobatcarnival there is a clean slate.

It has it’s uses and doesn’t really seperate the community, there are already non-Seattle players that post there.

If having a dedicated ST site doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, then don’t go there. I don’t think it’s splitting the community at all, we all still have our ties to SRK

I would have never put up a forum if I hadn’t got the support of people

off-topic: does it frustrate anyone else that you can’t see if there are new posts in the ST board on here from the main board listing?

LOL, i insulted you, ok.

I never said there was anything wrong with the site. Its a valuable resource. I was just wondering why there was a forum too. Also i don’t like it and thus do not go there. so all cool right.

nono, I wasn’t insulted! If I came off hostile, I didn’t mean to :slight_smile: