:lovin:James Games Arcade will be holding their first 2v2 Street Fighter 4 Tournament:lovin:
Event Flyer
Date: March the 26th, Friday
Time: Reg. Begins at 5pm, Tourney Begins at 7pm
Location: James Games Arcade - 364 W Foothill Blvd Upland, CA 91786, (909) 946-4438
Fees: $10 Per Team, all entry fees will go towards prizes
Prizes: 70/30 pay out for 1st and 2nd place teams respectivly
Set up: 4 Japanese Netcity stand-up cabs
FORMAT: 2v2 pokemon format, Double Elimination All players must use the same character for the entire tournament

  • For those of you who dont know how this format works here are two examples

-Example One-
-Team Tom and Jon vs. Team Brian and Frank
Tom plays Brian, Brian wins
Brian plays Jon, Jon Wins
Jon plays Frank, Frank wins
Team Brian and Frank win the match

-Example Two-
-Team Brian and Frank vs. Team Kyle and Kodi
Brian plays Kyle, Kyle wins
Kyle plays Frank, Kyle wins
Team Kyle and Kodi Win the match

This should be one hell of an event. So who plans on coming?

I will definitely be coming to this one. I need to find a teammate first!

I’ll be there!

will the sticks on the 1st 2 setups be fixed by then? they were mad loose last time i was there
otherwise ill be there for sure

rick replaced the sticks on all the cabs recently

Sounds good. Will definitely try to make it!

Its nice to see some interest for this event. SPREAD THE WORD GUYS!!!

I’m looking to record the top eight Mmatches for this event. Does any one have the know-how and equipment to make this a reality.

Well, I’m not entirely sure that it’s possible to directly record it, you might just need a video camera and a steady hand.

It is possible. It would require a vga spliter to run off of the pc board to a computer with recording software. problem is im not sure on the specifics and i also dont have the equipment.

will not be there since only **** are going.

whats **** mean?

It means he likes your tournaments so much he’s giving them 4 stars!


can’t come… family vacation

guile would approve

Planning to attend this one as well along with a large majority of the Valley Crew.
Valley will mos definitely be rollin deep.

yeah. just like you. i give you 4 stars.

Gaoser: That’s to bad Charles. Well be sure to have fun on your vacation. Also we are going to be have our large tourney on April the tenth at Noon. Mark your calender.
Vicious: Its always a pleasure having you at our tournaments so see you on the 26th for some 2v2 MADNESS!!! P.S. Congrats on the win at the FFA ranbat on saturday.

Be sure to also check out our thread for the “Championship Edition” SF4 tourney @ James Games on April 10th.