socal 760

i tried this before but didnt find anyone
im guessing now that sf4 has hit there should be a
decent number of players here now, so if youre in the 760 area (victorville,adelanto,hesperia,apple valley) post up so that maybe we
can get something started up here

I was wondering where 760 was. Dang.

so you in the area bro?

I’m in Ventura… 805. :stuck_out_tongue:

aw shit
there has tome be SOMEBODY down here besides me
we had a decent scene here before our tilt shut down
is anybody left? :frowning:

I’m in 760.

except the OTHER 760.

thats cool i guess
id like to play people here
or possibly in the IE

final bump to see if anyone is down here

Ha! Man I used to live up there back in the day! The scene was decent till Tilt went away (a couple of buddies of mine were the last people that worked there), used to play there ALL the time. Kinda surprising now that I think about it because they did get in all the fighting games when they dropped. Now there’s nothing but a Scandia or whatever it is now…

I know a couple of guys up there that play SF4 on the 360. PM me your email or whatever and I’ll foward it to 'em. Good luck finding people man!

sup man im in hesperia so hopefully we can play

for sure dude
what games do u play though?
the friends i have play mainly sf4 and a lil blazblue

lol at this thread being way in the back
Victorville, (SF4, KOF)

I too am 760 but the one in northern SD.