SoCaL Arcana Heart Thread

I ordered the game so should have it in hand by week’s end. I live in 90027 and could host a (small) group of people this weekend. Also would be up for Accent Core

I am going to be looking to get into this, ordering the game tonight.

somebody organize a arcana tourney
maybe at the next cal poly tournament?

this game is crizzack

someone post/link exhibition vids of AH! I have no idea what any of the characters are like.


wow… one of the few threads which i can view! … its a conspiracy any how… yeah me!!! hope to enjoy the socal AH scene !


…got my copy

bump Got my copy and the bonus drama CD for pre-ordering. I was hoping for something more entertaining on it but since I didn’t even know pre-orders came with the CD, it coming with the game was a mildly pleasant surprise.

Ugh, need to find the time to actually play the game, heh.

Thread bump for US Arcana release. Need to find some people to school a newb, me. Also I can’t play stick so it’d have to be non-arcade =(

I was unaware thee still played fighting games, lol. Already pre-ordered a copy from my store, looking for some peeps to play with near Riverside.

OH man, dude, I picked up Akatuski a few weeks ago and now I’m playing this too and I freaking love them because I CAN ACTUALLY DO COMBOS! I just can’t handle GG’s level of execution, but these games, hell yes.

Have you not played it at all yet? I actually got to play the QA lead from Atlus, he posted in the Arcana thread so we met up to have some matches during which I got totally owned, but it was awesome.

Man if you’re picking up this game we gotta play soon dude.

I have to search and find you guys when I come down for the summer.

Yes do that, I’ve only played 2 people so far =/

Cerritos, CA

So, if Riverside is 1 hour and 45 minutes from San Diego, then Cerritos is probably 2 hours. So, I’ll have about a month to get my parents confident enough to let me drive more than 15 minutes away from my house to meet a person that I’ve only met online…

This doesn’t look good, but I’ll give it a shot. (When I get home, I’ll drive 2 hours a day to get my driving legs back)

i got a setup if anyone is down… can set one up for AH and set my cab for whatever else

Yeah I’ve been to san diego many times, 2 and a 1/2 hours or so sounds about right, depending on traffic and whatnot.

Well, where are you?

Also I don’t suppose it would be possibly to plus a pad in would it?

i live in westminster, i have a ps2 w/hss0130 and a new astro city. the only problem with the ps2 is that is hooked to an lcd monitor so everything looks like crap. i’ll have to find a way to get it to go 480p first cause everything really looks like crap and not fun playing… for the cab, i only got ssf2x, and currently doing a mame setup for it to make things a little more flexible. so time will come

Well that’s cool, keep us updated. Personally I don’t have transportation so I’d have to hitch a ride with someone else.

Wow, you guys are pretty close together (relative to me anyways).

So I seriously just saw this game a moment ago. It looks fun. I’m in Bellflower so if anyone has like a burned copy of the game to sell. Holler at me. I’d like to get into it. :tup: