SoCal Brawl Players

I wasn’t sure whether this should be in Pacific South Discussion or here, but since this area of the forum seems to get the most SSBB attention, I guess I’ll try here…

Does SoCal have an active and fairly large Brawl community? If so, are they partial to tournaments and the like? I ask because a friend of mine owns a lan center in Fullerton, which houses a seperate game room consisting of 3 large tv’s (50inch, I think) In any event, one of the 3 tv’s is already set up for brawl. The owner said he’s looking to host tournaments/special brawl events at his lan center, but he’s not very familiar with the brawl community itself. My question is: If uses his lan center as a place to host brawl casuals and tournament play, would any of the brawl players around the OC area be interested?

socal is one of the largest smash communities available, there are toureys every weekend in a wide variety of locations.

check out

go to the regional boards

pacific west forums

you’ll see theres lots of socal activity.

as far as i’m aware, a lot of socal is either dropping smash or going back to melee, but you’ll find some brawl players for sure.

^^^ Awesome, thank you. :slight_smile:

i would go. only a 30 min drive from where i live.

I’m from SoCal too woo!!

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