SoCal Burnt Toast I Results


1 royalflush (Ippatsuman/Polymer & Tekkamen Blade/Tekkamen)
2 ll.nd (Doronjo/Soki & PTX-40)
3 warren (Yatterman-2/Morrigan)
4 RaYzYrbYrn (Frank West & Megaman/Ryu)
5 Ike (Soki/Karas)
5 Leo (Doronjo/Ryu)
7 SlickNoob (sOKI/Megaman)
7 KrisRon
9 tronzilla (Jun/Morrigan)
9 Zong_one (Chun-li/Ryu)
9 Mike Z
9 shonuff

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
1 RaYzYrbYrn (Kakuzu/Kisame)
2 motion1 (A.Kakashi)
3 Mike G. (Yugao/Hiruko)
4 Ultrachingon (Shino)
5 asura (Neji/Kakashi/Sai)
5 mysticgof (Kisame/Deidara)
7 sharingan_nightmare (Sasuke)
7 SlickNoob (TenTen)

Guitly Gear: Accent Core
1 hellmonkey (Baiken)
2 Mike Z (Potemkin)
3 deci (Slayer)
4 stormlocke (Robo-Ky)
5 Jo (Johnny)
5 Asian Chris (Venom)
7 RaYzYrbYrn (Zappa)
7 TheBiter (HOS)
9 TGS (I-No)
9 Phobos (Jam)
9 Psyblade (Millia)
9 Sanoshi
13 Jason D
13 shtkn (Ky)
13 TheSadder (Johnny)
13 Sam K

SF4: Round Robin
1 DjVest
2 Deci (E.Honda)
3 JDeez
4 Ike
5 Shonuff
5 Motion51 (C. Viper)
7 Mysticgof (Vega)
7 Leo

Blazblue: ContinuumShift
1 Kamen Rider Black RX (Bang)
2 Odd03 (Ragna)
3 Mike Z (Tager)
4 Tushar (Arakune)
5 Banjo Camaro (Bang)
5 Zong_one (Carl)
7 Phobos (Litchi)
7 Xie (Lamda-11)
9 shtkn (Jin)
9 Jason D (Rachel)
9 Ike (Hazama)
9 TGS (Carl)
13 Hellmonkey (Noel)
13 TheSadder (Hazama)

Sorry I forgot to ask DJVest the characters that were used in the SF4 tourney & I only knew the characters of the people I posted. I any of you know or remember who was used in that tourney, lemme know and I will post them! Besides that thank you everyone for coming. I feel the tourney was a big success and I’m glad everyone had a good time! I should have the date for the March tourney within the next 2 or 3 weeks! Also, being that this was the first tourney that I’ve hosted, I would really appreciate feedback as to what you liked and didn’t like or if there was anything you would like to see happen differently, so I can keep it in mind for future events! Thanks again everyone!


Thanks for a well run tournament!


I also used Viewtiful Joe/Polimar.

Pretty good location as far as venue goes. Room was a bit full of people, but I was pleased with all the games that happened all in the same room. Almost felt like mini-EVO!

Let’s have more of these tournament in the future!