SoCal Burnt Toast II - Sat. March 20th

Alright guys Burnt Toast II Date has been confirmed for Burnt Toast II, here it is:


Sat. March 20th


Quality Inn & Suites
1170 Fairway Drive
Walnut, CA 91789


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Melty Blood: Actress Again
Blazblue: Continuum Shift ( Again, Pending due to Mike Z’s lovely Appearance)
Street Fighter HDRemix

$5 entry fee for each game
$7 Venue fee

We will be there around 10:00 am for Setup, Signups, and Casuals.

HDRemix is officially CANCELLED
Blazblue Will start at 2:00
Naruto will start at 3:00
Guilty Gear will Start at 4:00
Malty Blood will start at 5:00
TvC will start at 6:00


All games will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Winners & Loosers finals will be 3/5 matches
Semi and Grand will be 3/5 Matches
99 sec. time limit on All games
Winner Keeps same character, Looser may change
Stage selection will be random for all games

Naruto: CONR3
All game crashing glitches are banned
Obstacles Off
Stage Transitions Off
Kiba is banned
Only gmae that will be 3/5 rounds

All Characters are allowed
If fire stage is chosen, both players may agree to change it

Cliff & Justice are banned
Gold & EX Characters are banned

Melty Blood:
All Characters Allowed

All characters allowed

Akuma is banned and will be played on XBox 360


Payouts will be 70%/20%/10%
Any game that has 15 or less participants will be 80%/20%

This is a B.Y.O.C event! The hotel is not responsible for any controllers that are lost or stolen! TV’s and setups would be a big help!

SF4 had to be cut this month due to Final Round and FFA ranbats! We will try to have it back in April!

I’m already there!

If I were to play mbaa, do I have to be there at 10 to signup? Or can I go and still be able to register at 3?

No, I would say whatever game you want to enter, prolly be there at least 30 min. before your game starts! There will be casuals all day if you wanna come early!


if you dont mind me asking, you guys ever consider throwing an SF4 tourney into your current lineup?

just curious.

yes why isnt sf4 in the line up actually?

ya would you please include sf4? for ps3 hopefully

never mind FFA Ranbat is on that day.

I will be driving up from San Diego for this, and hopefully I can get more people to come too.

See you guys in a month. :tup:

That’s why i didn’t include it! I’m hoping to get it in the lineup next month!

I hope it snows on this day…so I can come to this tourney!!! :razz:

Is there any chance of HDR? If so, let me know so I can try to round up 15-20 heads.

Dang I want to come to this since I’m back in SoCal but my plane doesn’t arrive until like 5 PM at LAX. If casuals go on, I might try to drop by for some TvC.

Hey vintage, I’m definitely down to run HDR, I would just need to know what system you guys prefer to run it on & I would need you guys to bring set ups for it, cause I don’t think most of the people coming have HDR! I do have it on PS3 myself though! Lemme know ASAP so I can add it to the list!

We usually have casuals going on all night till we leave at 11, so feel free to stop by! What I might be able to do is since I might be adding HD Remix, maybe run that at 1, then do TvC at 6 to give you time to get there! Once Vintage gets back to me about HDR, I can prolly make the changes! Just keep an eye out on the thread!

I want to get a chance to finally play Phampy in tournament! I might even enter HDR for fun with my super-scrub E.Honda!

Thanks. We’ll run it on 360. We have our own setups (consoles & Asus monitors). I’ll get the word out.

Dope well expect my Krew to be there for some HDR we have about 5 heads i bring and also for TvC we have been practicing :D!!!

Cya ya guys there

If HDR is added to this tournament I will come too

im in this if HDR is included as well!