SoCal CvS2 Ranbat

In order to promote socal CvS2, I’m going to be organizing a series of ranking battles designed to kick up our game a notch or two.

-Apex style point system:
Each player involved in the ranbat is worth 100 points. Divide the total points by your place to determine the points you earned.

Flexible locations. If you would like to host a SoCal CvS2 ranbat, just e-mail

-Venue Format:
Both arcade and console will be factored into this ranking

-Tournament Format:
Tournament must be Double Elimination (either random seed, or seeds based on current standings), Swiss, or round robin.

Past Ranbats:

2/12/06 - Panorama City, CA
Location: Game Zone X
Winner: Alex “Calipower” Valle
16 players

1/22/06 - Long Beach, CA
Location: Steves Apartment
Winner: Minh “xx_Deus_xx” Vo
6 players

Want to host one?

Current Standings:

1600 points - Alex “Calipower” Valle
800 points - Jason Cole
600 points - Minh Vo "xx_deus_xx"
530 points - Jason “DreamTR” Wilson
420 points - Steve Reed "Pimp Willy"
400 points - Albert "Pigadoken"
320 points - Warren "Evil Elvis"
320 points - Bill "Deus"
230 points - James "MisterBeam"
230 points - Edma
220 points - Daysmel Muniz "Gumbercules"
200 points - Raymond Bedola "atruevato"
180 points - Jeremiah
180 points - Hai
180 points - Rick "Brood"
180 points - Stan "Ninjainpajamiz"
150 points - Walter Mancia "Welch"
120 points - Steve F
120 points - Lawrence
120 points - Daniel Pena "d3athwi5h"
0 Points- Gene Wong “HAK”

Feel free to use this thread to discuss upcoming ranbats, past ranbats, call people out, schedule your own ranbat, or anything related to increasing the skill of SoCal. We have some of the most talented players in the country, we shouldn’t let the lack of a solid central arcade keep up down.

Ranbat: 1/22/06

First Ranbat, last ranbat before school starts back up (for us CSULB heads)

Sign Ups/ Warm-Ups start at 8:00 pm
Tournament Starts at 9:00 pm
Entry Fee: $1
Winner take all

5235 1/2 E Carson Street
Long Beach, CA 90808

Apartment, equipped with a PS2. I have 2 PS2 sticks, bring your own if you are more comfortable. Living room seats 5-6 people. Bedroom is wired with a TV broadcasting the same signal as the living room, thus you can watch the matches from the bedroom. Should fit 12+ people comfortably.

Let’s kick this thing off nice.

sounds good? rico/irvine, LET’S GET IT



and steve, can you give us some idea of wtf a swiss is?

It’s actually the best way to run a tournament and determine the best player. You are always playing someone close to your skill level, you are guaranteed not to go 2 and out, and the cream will always rise to the crop. I actually wrote a small computer program that runs swiss brackets, but its not visual yet, only text based. The main problem is that it takes a longer time, in that everyone is playing every round, instead of having people eliminated and halving the pool of players each round.

why not just run a round robin? It seems even MORE efficient than swiss, because there is no complaints about the brackets, and the difficulty of opponent. I like the idea of swiss maybe with the first part being round robin. For example, after everyone plays the round robin top 4 enter a swiss tournament. This would be helllllllllllllllllllllla games for cvs2, which is not a good look, but it will ensure the best wins. Or everyone could just concede and proclaim that I, todo master, am the best. =)

Sounds good. I’ll tell you guys how the view from the top is :nunchuck:

With smaller groups, i.e. 8 or so, Round Robin is better. But imagine a 64 man round robin tournament… holy shit, that would be insane. Even 16 man round robin is insane. 16 Man swiss, however, is more managable.

Edit: Updated E-mail to

If you are planning on attending a ranbat, send an e-mail to that address, and indicate what date it is you’re planning on coming to. Then we can keep a running list of who’s scheduled to appear.

I’ll host one in San diego if you guys wanna do that. But i unno, up to Mr.Pimp.

if they didn’t mind the drive and price Gamelords would be GREAT for it.

That’s fine with me, like I said, anybody in SoCal can host one and have the points count towards the official total. If it will help promote the San Diego CvS2 scene, I’m all for it.

potter has the best todo i’ve seen in my life…i got my life savings on him

ummm, i’m down to go to this ranbat as long as the riverside/irvine hos are going too

xx_god_xx: shazow is something jim jones aka the kufi slapper yells out in a song

i got money on riverside beating all of you nubs

except potter aka todo

cvs2 is the cali crack

Me = riverside… No nubs in this bitch

potter = todo > riverside

You guys need a better time to run ranbats. 9p.m. = desperate housewives…As much as todo asked me to win the tourney with him, I cannot attend.

D.H.W. > Todeeeeeeezy’s mustache > cvs2

lol, desperate housewives, sounds like somebodies Todo got scurred.

I pushed the time back an hour for the tourney this sunday. The next one I host is prolly gonna be on a different night of the week just to mix it up. Make sure you send an E-mail to if you’re planning to come, so I can add your name to the list of expected people.

check my stats: 4th in cvs2… all todo… you already know

did potter just claim to be combofiend? whaa?