SoCal Denjin Arcade Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ranbat #3 4/11/09

Last ranbat was a step up! And, apparently, it got a lot more attention than I could have ever hoped for!

Anytime we get more players to enter is a win in my book!

Again, these tourneys are being held in order to give the EVO staff more variety of players to choose from for the 64-man TvC invitational at this year’s EVO.

Your performance shall speak for you; just prove yourself and you just might see your name in the in that roster!!!

Denjin Arcade
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Entry: $5
Venue: $2
Sign-ups: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Start Time: 6:00pm
Prize distributed among 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as follows: 70%/20%/10%

Tournament match videos will be recorded by me and put up on my youtube page.

Now then, rules and stipulations:
-Double elimination
-Best 2 out of 3 games, Finals best 3 out of 5 games

-Standard settings (start w/1 bar, 99 seconds, regular damage)
-Winner keeps characters, loser can change characters or keep current characters
-Pre-match character switching (hold down OR hold P button before battle begins) is legal and player has to stick with current character.
-No freeze glitches
-If the fire stage is picked both players must agree to fight on it. Better yet, stage select is legal.
-If both players pick Yatterman, each player has to come to an agreement on who uses 1P or 2P versions.
-**As 4-10-09/4-11-09: Will be played on whatever screen ratio matches the television: if we’re playing on 4:3 TV, the station must be assigned to 4:3. Likewise, if we’re playing on a widescreen TV, it must be on 16:9 aspect ratio.

I learned, after playing casual games with 16:9 ratio on 4:3 TV, that some things may be affected by the aspect ratio if it does not match the TV (namely Polymar’s corner unblockable drill super (A+B,A+B,B+C).**

You can also see this page from the general discussion for clarification and legitimacy.

If you want to contact me, here’s my cell phone #: 661-312-8289

Post up if you plan to join this tournament so once the date of the tourney comes around, I can print a bracket that matches the number of attendees.

Current Attendee Roster:
-DJ Vest
-Truegamer (if he can hitch a ride)

i want to make it out to this one,
hope I can carpool with u this time

Post up, people 9_9. Please.

Posting. Woooooooooooooooo! (I’ll be there.)

ll.nd have i played you in sf4 or tvc??

I think I was showing you how to play tvc along with torn apart.

is this gonna be on 4:3 tvs or widescreen?

EDIT: nvm answers at the bottom of first post.

Hey guys, good chance i won’t be able to make this one =(


There’s always next time.

At Denjin, they actually have two 4:3 TV’s available (sometimes three, but we usually get a hold of the nicest one). I believe we’ve been playing on them using 16:9. I prefer to run a tournament on just one television and use others for casual/practice.

BTW, thanks to whoever got this thread stickied.

I decided to made giants legal for this tournament and the tournaments to come. Use them at your own risk.

I’m there this time for sure! See you guys tomorrow!

^^^It’s about time! We look forward to playing you.

Note on aspect ratio: will be played on whatever the TV is. See first post.

Okay, this tournament will happen today at Denjin at about 6:00PM, but there will be time for casuals before the tournament begins.

I have 7 names down for the tournament, but I will print a 12-man bracket if we get a few on-the-spot entrants.

See everyone there, and good luck to all!

if Warren cant make it,
I cant make it
oh well, maybe next time