SoCal DENJIN ARCADE Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ranbat #4 4-26-09 RESULTS

1st: RoyalFlush (Polymar/Ippatsuman, Tekkaman/Casshern, Ippatsuman/Tekkaman, Ken/Polymar, Saki/Tekkaman) [Winner-Take-All: $35]
2nd: ll.nd (PTX-40A, Gold Lightan, Doronjo/Soki)
3rd: Devil Tron (a.k.a Tronzilla666) (Morrigan/Jun, Jun/Doronjo)
4th: [iHate]Youthattack (a.k.a Yaris) (Ryu/Karas)
5th (tie): Torn Apart (Ryu/Ippatsuman)
5th (tie): risingtied (Ryu/Chun-li)
7th: Truegamer (Ryu/Chun-li)

Match videos can be found here:

Thanks to everybody for coming. Especially Yaris, Truegamer, and risingtied.

ll.nd seriously caught everybody off guard with the giants. Do not underestimate their power!

As usual, GGs to everybody. Personal GGs to ll.nd, whose finally used giants during ranbat for the first time, and Yaris, whose matches with me always keep me up on my toes.

11 vids were recorded and will be posted up by me onto my youtube channel when time is convenient.

Next ranbat #5 will be scheduled for Saturday, May 9.

i believe this was #3 and the next one is #4

Damn, another win for Royalflush

BustaBust: I think these TvC ranbats started a couple weeks in advance from all the Street Fighter ranbats. So far, there have been ranbats on these dates:

Vids for ranbat #1 were recorded by The Game II of and tournament run by hellfromabove, and ranbats 2, 3, and 4 were organized and recorded by me, RoyalFlush. I’ll be able to run and record ranbats #5 (5-9-09), #6 (5-23-09), and #7 (6-6-09).

Ranbats #8 (6-20-09) and #9 (7-4-09) will be run by somebody else as I will be absent for both of them; I’m putting ll.nd and Devil Tron in charge of running these ones in the same fashion that I have been running them (recording is up to them to decide, however) and posting results accordingly.

Yay, I got top 5!

[media=youtube]u8fC5tZeHqk[/media] <-- I forget who was playing in this video, sorry!
[media=youtube]svKjIeL95uE[/media] <-- RoyalFlush vs Truegamer

I get back from Africa on the 20th, I’ll see if I can make that one

GGs everyone,
my custom stick is huge lol
i still got to adjust to dashing with 3 buttons instead of 1 button dash

still not enough people for a Tournament


Seriously yea we need more people for this. I am planning on going to Arizona somehow for that awesome tournament. I must say though a marvel tournament would be nice hehe.

Kept me trapped in that corner too well, damn it! I’m gonna try to make it out for the ranbat at the end of May, but don’t expect me to do much better. :stuck_out_tongue: