SoCal Denjin Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ranbat #2 3-28-09 Results!

1st: RoyalFlush(TZ) (Polymar/Ippatsuman) [won $24.50]
2nd: ll.nd (Doronjo/Souki) [won $7.00]
3rd: Warren (Polymar/Morrigan) [won $3.50]
4th: Tatsu (Souki/Karas)
5th (Tie): Tronzilla666 (Batsu/Morrigan, Morrigan/Saki) AND Dj Vest (Ryu/Chun-li, Ryu/Tekkaman)
7th: Torn Apart (Ryu/Ippatsuman)

Vids of all tournament matches were recorded by me and will be posted when time is convenient for me (busy week before spring break [9_9]).

I’m glad to see that these tournaments are picking up. Any increase in attendance over the last ranbat is a definite step in the right direction!

I’ll be glad to run the rest of these tournaments as long as players keep coming to play.

Next ranbat will be on April 11, 2009.

Links to vids will be up when they’re ready.

Resuscitating the SoCal TvC scene one tournament at a time!!!


EDIT: All tournament videos are now up on my youtube channel!

good stuff, ggs to all
we are slowly growing!

I just got started uploading vids. I’m so glad youtube fixed their uploading page.

If anyone wants any specific matches up by priority, just post up. Otherwise, I’ll just upload them in order.

EDIT: I take that back. It still gives me problems ;(.
EDIT (AGAIN): Okay, now youtube is treating me nicely.

woo socal tvc let’s go!

Yeah!!! All tournament videos are live!!!

great job royal… now come play some tekken please

I haven’t touched Tekken ever since everybody else stopped ;P. I’ll make my return once it’s out on console! All I have left of Tekken are memories, the TZ on my SRK name, and my Jin avatar.

Until then, I’ll continue to work my way to EVO2K9!!!


Whoa! Awesome! :bgrin::bgrin:

GS guys getting this game going in Socal!

Shout out to Warren, maestro in all games.

keep on trucking royal

i’ll teach you ddr when you start playing tekken again.