Rickstah you better be at both!

Tekken Hype is up:

I think I may be able to make this!

Not at this hype tournament, but DEVASTATION is having a TvC tournament.

It’s cause I’m mexican huh? :lame:

I didn’t want to come right out and say it… my bad. We can fight to the death next time I see you… if you want. :nunchuck:

Bryan hates me.

I can confirm that the information in the above post is 100% accurate.

this thread needs to be stickied

For those interested, the Tekken 6 tournament at Vid 94 has been moved to April 26th so it doesn’t conflict with the SF4 3v3 at AI.


If you PM the proper authorities it will probably be taken care of. The tournament is only a week away.

Hi guys, I’m new to the SoCal scene (actually, new to the SF scene), I’m currently here for college. I’m really interested to participate in these events and would like to play new competition in SF4.

The problem is, SD doesn’t really have arcades, and all the good places are up in LA, which is about an hour to two hours away. Would it be possible to get a ride from someone in the UCSD/La Jolla area?

Im originally from SD but I don’t know anyone thats rolling up for the tournament… sorry dude.

Try posting on in the SD boards get a couple of the guys riled up and get em going. Then ask for a ride!


Does anybody here own a lagless PS2 -> PS3 adapter that I can use? I’m a 360 user, but I still want to be able to participate in the tourney with my PS2 stick…is anybody cool enough to hook me up?

Is there a players cap?

No cap

Just curious, will TE sticks be provided to play on or do we have to bring our own stick?

FWIW, we’ve been running a HDR ranbat up at Denjin recently and we bring an XBox 360 setup w/ 2 TE sticks for everyone to play on. We could bring that setup for this, if it would help. However, if that would mean that we’d be running on both systems then it’d probably just make things more confusing. Thought I’d mention it anyway. :wgrin:

two setups would be great because then matches with different opponents can go on at once to save time…

and, if somebody has a stick for a particular setup, then they can play at that one…it can be used to save time if both people want to play there that is…


also, is akuma allowed or is he banned? He’s banned at evo, so I ask in case it’s a standard now or something…

I believe we’ll have a couple of setups. We also have two dual console sticks (full Sanwa), but I’m not sure exactly what equip is coming along for the trip. I’ll get the info and post it up tomorrow or Fri (at the latest).

Akuma is not banned at DEVASTATION, so he will not be banned at this tournament.