SJV: If you dont mind bring that setup just in case… I know ps3 is how its going to be at DEVASTATION but if this is what you guys do for the ranbats I want to have it as a back up in case you guys dont like what we have…

…that is if you dont mind…

I might be late to this. Or I might not come.

I usually pretty much drop out of life once the NHL playoffs are here. I’m just glad I don’t have finals to pretend to study for anymore.

SweetJV Megaman hold it down for denjin guys better take this!!! i wont be able to make it :frowning: my band got the show we wanted on saturday so yea… Bring the gold!!!

PS. Pete loves men

Isn’t 3rd Strike at Devastation 3on3? So shouldn’t this also be 3on3?

Oh snap, that spot is mine! :rofl: JV and I will bring the extra setup, and I’ll bring my laptop. As long as we have a display that will accept component inputs I’ll be able to record the matches in HD.

DAMN, wont be able to make out to this. :frowning:
Coming next Sat. for sure though.

^ the next denjin ranbat is on a sunday


I dont believe I will be able to make this! I wanted to showcase some new Balrog tricks. Oh the Keno Eye evolved!

Today is the Day…

We are here at Denjin getting ready to start the tournaments… here are a couple of links to keep you in the loop:

Image Gallery:

We will post up images and Twitter updates throughout the night and news here along the way.


Live feed from the tourney. Let’s hope it holds up

fuck, it died. We’re doing a chat instead.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Results

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

1st - Ultra David (David Graham) E. Honda
2nd - Sweet Johnny V (John Versluis) Dhalsim/Chun Li
3rd - Shoo (Carlos Gonzales) Balrog

4th - Sin
5th - Chris Li
5th - Dae
7th - EA Megaman
7th - Dash
9th - James Chen
9th - Mike Haggar


Street Fighter IV Results

Street Fighter IV

1st - Ken I (Kentaro Inoue) Rufus
2nd - SIN (Alex Salgero) Rufus/M. Bison
3rd - KAI (Raymond Tang) El Fuerte/Chun Li

4th - Ultra David
5th - DAE
5th - JohnRog
7th - Shin
7th - Killer KAI
9th - Matt Chin
9th - Dash
9th - Uh-Oh
9th - Black Pyro


Street Fighter III: Third Strike Results

Street Fighter III: Third Strike

1st - KobeBryant 24 (Yi Wang) Chun Li
2nd - Ken I (Kentaro Inoue) Makoto
3rd - KAI (Raymond Tang) Yun/Chun Li

4th - Ty
5th - Shogo
5th - Black Pyro
7th - Tian
7th - Killer KAI
9th - djfaka
9th - Matt Chin
9th - Bag Rat


how many ppl entered in sf4? good job to placers and congrats to ken i. congrats kobe bryant for winning 3s! i knew you were mvp! lets RAPE UTAH TOMORROW!

i’m really disappointed by the HD remix setup…there was a ton of lag present on the hd displays. In the future, you guys should really just do what evo does and use old shitty tube tv’s to play on…then there is guaranteed instant response…

I felt like I had no control…granted, others adapted to lag much better than I did, but still…there is nothing more frustrating than losing a game while not having perfect control…

GGs to everyone, great seeing you guys.

good shit to the devastation gang for running everything.
ill see you guys in AZ :tup:

wow congrats ultra david for winning it i wanted to go :frowning: but glad to see denjinites taking it!!!

Shoo!!! good shit man you come to that tournament but you dont come to ranbats :frowning:

GGs to all I’ve played. UltraDavid, and Kai best games I’ve played with you guys in a long time :slight_smile:
Good seeing Codi, Black Pryo, Ken-I, and John Fuckin Rog! See you guys at the Ranbat!

GGs to everyone yesterday and congrats to UltraDavid for coming back and snatching that top spot. Good shit man!

Also, thanks for coming down from AZ to host this. It was good times. Looking forward to Devastation.