SoCal DotA thread


Thought I’d make a different thread so we don’t fill up the AI one - sorry shoo! :sweat:

Anyways, let’s get some DotA going on up in here. If you play on or Garena or whatever, that’s cool. We can even try to get a LAN going.

There’s a DotA tournament on August 15th (Saturday) at Howie’s Game Shack. Only 16 teams are being accepted, and there are already 5 teams signed up.

Early Online Registration: Until August 13th - $20.00 per player
At-the-Door Registration: After August 13th - $30.00 per player

They don’t post how much is going to pot/venue, so I’m not sure how the winnings will be doled out. To be honest, I don’t care as long as I get to play some good comp, though earning my $20 back (or more) is always a plus. ;D

I know Luka was interested in this… I am too, already training several hours a day on ladder for it… Is there enough interest to put together at least one team? If we can get a team together, we should try to set up some LAN games or at the very least some online games with Vent to get the feel for how games will go as a group.


Is it the Howies off of Crown Valley Parkway by any chance?

Me and friend of mine from Irvine are pretty good, we’ve been playing since the days of death ward SA and Fuzzy the Furbolg. We play with a few people from our old WoW guild but they are…spotty to say the least. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Usually pretty entertaining though.

If you guys are interested in practicing, or want to use our vent lemme know. We got a 50 person vent(iirc) that we can lend ya’ll for practice sesh’s. My schedule is gonna be pretty free after Thursday(Stats final ftl), and my friend from Irvine’s depends on his ever changing work schedule.


some nights after AI closes a few of us head over to e-games
i heard we might get some egames money matches going


I’m practising right now on Garena. My user name is Hasuko, I’m on Garena Server 3. On I play on US West, as Material_GirI.


Dota is going to be a thing of the past now that Heroes of Newerth is out. I have a couple closed beta invites if anyone wants one. I think open beta is in august sometime. Its the same game as dota. Just the heroes look different and the skills are named different, but its all the same. Buffed up graphics and stuff.


That’s nice. This is still a thread for DotA and the upcoming DotA tournament.


heroes of newerth is pretty good so far. though of course like dota versions of the past some heroes need a bit of nerfing as of right now. i would have to say its pretty on par for a beta though i miss some of the image heroes :frowning:

i think the best part about it is having one set of keybinds instead of having different actions per character without having to run external scripts like autowarkey. and the ability to join a friends game by right clicking instead of relying on wc3 banlist and shit.




my name on bnet west is JaHa-YJDK
for dota


YO, seriously FREESTYLE is right!
“Heroes of Newerth” is gonna destroy “League of Legands” and DOTA. It’s made by Icefrog.
(The man single handedly brought balance and sick like triggers for heroes)
If I was gonna switch games, I would go to HOS.


I like League of Legends… Heroes of Newerth looks pretty badass too, but really it looks like Dota HD remix to me =/


i got a LoL beta key… but couldn’t play. :\

xsonicc on uswest bnet.


If you need a HoN beta invite hit me up, I have about three left.


To original poster: Sorry if i tried to hi-jack the thread. Didnt mean to. Just trying to spread the word about the new dota, so i can get a lot of the hardcore and dedicated members to follow and continue the legacy. Good luck at the tourney friend :china:

Pimpbot - Its only closed beta. I am willing to put money on it that they havent finished it yet and are planning to add more, if not most of the heroes that are in dota. Also, yes a few of the heroes still need balancing cuz they are way imba. I hope they have a forum for feedback etc.

Minh - I have tried LoL also. I can safely say that game is trash. Not speaking from bias either. The graphics are no where near HoN’s, its not noob friendly as far as controls, setup, etc. I think the makes of LoL tried to take the idea of dota and actually make a new game out of it. Frankly, thats a reason why a lot of people who like dota would not prefer that over HoN. People who like dota like it for what it is. So adding better graphics, better hotkeys, cooler effects and etc… you just have a really nice remix of the game that you all fell in love with.

In the end, dont take my word for it if you dont want. Try both out and maybe you’ll see what i mean :smokin:


Between me and Miyuki we have like 18 HoN invites. Just PM me your email


I have a HoN code too, but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I will, but right now I want to practise for the DotA tourney. Once that’s past, I’ll sit down and give HoN a try.


i also have HoN beta codes if people are interested. i tried it a couple of times and its just too confusing and im too lazy to learn it.

I don’t think HoN is made by icefrog, he approved the creation of it but i don’t think he has anything to do with the development.


Guinsoo worked on LoL, but I don’t think any of the original DotA mapmakers (Eul, Guinsoo, or Icefrog) worked on HoN. To be honest, I’m looking forward to HoN, as I loved Savage and Savage 2, but I will continue to support DotA as well.


Anti.Vengeance on US West.


If we’re playing on USWest let’s meet up in channel capcom. I get off work at 5:30 so I should be available to game around 6:00 or 6:15 after I take a shower. Also, Vent is encouraged. \o/