SoCal Evo Carpool thread

Didn’t see one up but if there is one then I apologize and mods can go ahead and delete this.

So…I usually drive to Evo every year but my car is getting pretty worn down and don’t want to risk it breaking down as I use it for work. I’m hoping that some people will be trying to get a carpool going to cut down on cost for Evo weekend and have that much more to blow at the tables =p

Anyway, I’m looking for a carpool that’s leaving Friday (7/29 at anytime during the day) and returning Sun night/Early Mon morning since I have to work on Monday at 2pm. If anybody out there is planning a similiar trip for the weekend then hit me up with a PM and we can work out details. Thanks in advance!

Expect SSF4/MVC3 tournies to start friday morning

Which is why I’m hoping to get lucky with someone leaving last minute since I can’t get out of work Thursday. Don’t really care what time I show up since I’m not entering the tournament just going to watch finals/casuals TBH I probably won’t even show up to the Rio till Sunday just trying to get there cheap since I know most people from SoCal make the drive down there thought I’d give it a shot since I can’t drive myself this year.

Just bumping the thread…

Anybody leaving Fri (anytime idc if its 1am) and returning Sun night or early Mon morning (gotta be back in Socal by noon) then hit me up with a PM. TIA and anybody who is also looking for some type of rideshare feel free to use this thread.

I am heading up on wed morning and leaving either sun night or mon morn. I would only have room for one in my little car but throwing it out there

I MIGHT be able to give you a ride, I’m leaving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday night or monday morning, I have to be at work by noon.

Anyone leaving Thursday afternoon/night and coming back Sunday night/early Monday?