Socal FFIA - 3s Ranbat 2.1 Results 1/21/06

Held at Interface Arcade in Simi Valley on 1/21/06

Ranbat 2.1 Results-

  1. Ken I (Sextaro Inoue) [Makoto] - 10 pts
  2. Amir Amirsaleh [Chun Li] - 7 pts
  3. Jerry [Ken] - 5 pts
  4. MutantXP [Urien] - 3 pt
  5. Joel Benefiel (Buff Otaku) [Alex]
  6. Marvin (Mr. Universe) [Urien]
  7. Pyrolee [Yun]
  8. Jeremiah [Chun Li]
  9. Arlieth [Makoto]
  10. Leland [Yun]
  11. Shogo [Twelve]
  12. Eric x Chin [Yun]
  13. Ray Ramos [Urien]
  14. Adolfo [Alex]

-Arly was sent to losers by Mr. Universe
-Pyro was knocked out by MutantXP
-Jerry was almost sent to losers in 1st round by Rockefeller’s Sean, who tossed the match because he didn’t want to play
-BuffOtaku (Joel Benefiel) nearly makes top 4 for the first time
-All fights up until Final 8 were Single Match! Final 8 matches were 2/3.


wow, sounds like an interesting tourney! wish i coulda been there :annoy:

Please god tell me there is a video…my library hasnt added anything new since the last one :sad:

How many players were there?

And why was Adolfo playing Alex?

single match=crazy results

36 Players. Full brackets can be seen (kinda) at the Denjin Video site. Videos will be up in a week. Rockefeller’s commentary was GOLD.

if there’s a video of this, ray ramos better be in it. :rofl: sup ray!

single match means makoto has a big advantage lol :), like the randomness is too strong.
will there be vids of rock’s sean. and yes can’t wait for the commentary, the dota talk was tooooo good.

Indeed! Pyro being 7th seems madness to me.

Can’t wait for the vids, thanks for the results.

Rock is my fuckin hero.

Amir knocked me out, Mutant sent me to losers.

This was a really good tournament except for me losing and getting a speeding ticket the same day :frowning:

You shoulda kara-palmed the cop.

Man, all these Uriens everywhere. Mutant Urien? WTF? lol Man, my Urien needed to be there to add just 1 more lol. Anyway, I guess we haven’t had single game tourney for awhile…hope some of you got the good wake up call. Be ready for next Ranking Battle lol.


If you’re really good 1 or 2/3 doesn’t matter. Excuses = weakness. Best player wins. Top 8 was 2/3. KEN IS JUST BEST 3S IN THE WORLD.

Yeah, all this talk about weird results… I could understand if it were one-match single-elimination, but it wasn’t. It was double-elimination. I don’t know how much 2/3 would’ve solved.

ouch pyro. i was thinking u were gonna take it, =( ur yun is godly :pray:

The attribute that makes Top Level players what they are is adaptation. Shorter sets give less time for adaptation…hence results that people won’t expect.

good cause i actually like rocks commentary FUCK THE HATERS

seems like alot of guys have gotta lot of practicing 2 do 4 the sbo qualifiers-i cant wait 4 that shit.all top u.s playas r gonna b there,and i predict alot of upsets.sfmaniac,r u gonna b goin?u still have alot 2 prove after comments u made on the forums