SoCal Gamestop Round 2


For those listed in the previous thread. This has not been confirmed, but I am under the assumption that you are allowed to choose which Round 2 store you go to.

Somebody else who just won said though that you’re supposed to go to the Gamestop for your District if you win. Iono.

If we are allowed to choose, please post which Gamestop you’ll be going to for Round 2.


They said I have to go to Pico Rivera. I’m going to try and find out for sure though.


I was told I have to go to the Sunset & Vine GS in Hollywood.


shut the fuck up


I guess I’mma call the one in Glendora then…

no one go to that… or i’ll kill youuuuu :slight_smile:

i think this is the one the guy told me to go to anyways… not sure though, said i had to call him back on monday? ehh


I was told to go to the one in West Covina. So you people stay out of that game stop. :rofl:

Let’s make it an all AI / Vid 94 caravan down to round 3!


They told me that I didn’t have a choice to go to, that I had to go to whatever one was in the district. FWIW, it’s the one I would have gone to anyways.

But yeah, just in case the Gamestop guy didn’t know what he was talking about…
8135 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA

–Jay Snyder


Bebop and Paro Da took one of them in Corona, while I took the other one in Corona. I guess we’re all going to play each other next week.

32 entrants at my place was good, got to meet a few people that wanted to level up.


Good shit!

Yea, I was also told to stict to my district. If it’s like that through round 3, then this tournament is a fucking joke. You’re going to have 1 Cali god, Jwong, and a bunch of scrubs from all over the US. How dissapointing; Citywalk pt 2 :shake:


Man you shoulda went to the one on lincoln, and get put on the other side of the bracket. I saw ken, chun, gief, dhalsim, blanka, sagat… Vega players were beasting through the tournament lol. semi finals were vega vs vega and chun vs rufus (me). Then I played the Vega guy in a ryu vs ryu match FTW>

yeah. we going to The Counter after. I need some onion strings and fries.


Nice. If it’s district specific, I think Moval and Christian might be there too. Gonna be a pretty good time next Saturday. :lovin:


Almost 100% positive it’s not district specific.

I’ll read through the official rules again later tonight when I get home.


The manager told me I had to go to the GS in my district as well and couldn’t pick a location. Doesn’t really matter to me since it’s closer than the one I was going to pick.


i was told that it didnt matter which one i go to for round 2.

edit: dont forget guys the left triggers are PPP and KKK… i didnt fucking remember and was doing ultra with x y and the right trigger LOL. i still managed too get the ultra though hahaha


I was told to go to the one in Irvine. =/


They didn’t tell me shit and they didn’t have any certificates. Did the certificate you guys got have any useful info?


well it is a certificate but they also took down my name/number maybe to let other gamestops know? not sure exactly why


east county san diego
santee Gamestop
anyone else going to this one?


I was told to go to the one in my district. Fuck it, I’ll still ice them niggas.

-Tha Hindu


I was told to go to the one in Norwalk