SoCal Gamestop Takeover Thread


Hi everybody,

This thread is meant for (but can be used by anybody) the below selected players. I frankly don’t give a fack about who you think you might be, but if you’re not on this list (which will be added to) then consider yourself a non-threat at tournaments.

]Ed Ma
[]Kai Brea Mall 1065 Brea Mall, Space 2022-b
]Ronstoppable Brea Plaza 477 S. Associated Road
[]Bobino 984 E. Badillo St., Suite C Covina
]Mt Sac Kid Sunnymead
[]MOVAL Moreno Valley Towngate
[]Ken I
]Mike Ross
[]Viscant 3952 E.Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA
]Sanchez 15900 Crenshaw Gardena
]BustaBust Mountain Meadows Plaza 4275 Tierra Rejada Rd
]Dae 2944 Tapo Canyon Rd, Ste K
[]CSB Lincoln & Pico 1910 LINCOLN BLVD Santa Monica, CA
]Pigadoken Citrus Mall 27512 Lagonia Avenue, Suite B2-F
[]SHGLBMX Block @ Orange
[]John Rog Crossroads Irvine - 3972 Barranca Parkway Suite B, Irvine, CA
]MYK Jamagi
[]Ironfist Ontario Mills 1 Mill Circle Sp 324
]Bryant Santa Anita Mall
]Alex Valle
]Gilley Thousand Oaks at the Park Oaks Center(#5383)
[*]Shoo Pico Town Center
If you are going to participate in the Gamestop tournament, please select your Gamestop and post it here.

If it’s run on pad, then this thread will be worthless. FatBear will be taking this tournament then.

Don’t forget this is for a fucking Viewlix Cabinet.


they are using 360 pads and you ahve to use what they give u. this thread is worthless.

edit: im sure they are going to use pads since it is gamestop, they have shitty tournaments. when brawl came out i heard that you have to use the fucking wiimote and nun chuck to play haha.

edit2:Mountain Meadows Plaza 4275 Tierra Rejada Rd


15900 Crenshaw Gardena.

It’ll be pad, but considering the average gameplay style of the non fighting game enthusiast(jump RH, cr. RH) it shouldn’t even be an issue.

Has anyone made mention of the stock controller settings having 3P/3K automatically assigned to the unsued shoulder buttons?


lol im thinking pick a shoto and tick throw/dp jump ins my way to victory.

and yes, this is on 360 pad, so all bets are out the window


This should make things interesting using pad.


Uh oh…We need to start a “Get Gootecks a 360 pad fund.”


Crossroads Irvine - 3972 Barranca Parkway Suite B, Irvine, CA


I’ll be at the one in Thousand Oaks at the Park Oaks Center(#5383). Don’t go there unless you want to be in my next combo video :rofl:


Haha! That’s really awesome I hope SoCal destroys the competition.


The sad thing is, I can actually play Blanka decently on pad. I only worry about hitting ultras and getting EX up ball. If I can do that consistently, I can play at pretty much full efficiency. It’s not like I do anything complicated with him, I just mash jab as hard as I can most of the time.

I’ll go to the Clairemont Town Square one.
3952 E.Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

I don’t even know if it matters though. The only stage 3 qualifier for California is in San Jose. Who here is hardcore enough to go for that unless you know it’s free?

–Jay Snyder


jay, we all want the free headband obv.

plus i want to beat pad scrubs to boost my ego.


I see a So Cal car pool up to Round 3 for the weekend.


i like this thread! imma be at one of the gamestops in West Covina, CA unless someone else will be there then i’ll go to the one in the puente hills mall.


no one go to the one on rosemead Blvd in Pico Rivera
i think its rosemead, either that or washington

its the only one in pico rivera


I’ll be at the one in Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry


you know of any other gamestops doing it around torrance?


I know of a few.

Shit fucks. I totally forgot there’s a Gamestop within walking distance. 20810 Avalon Carson. So I have to decide between going up against college students or Madden players…


haaaahahaha daaaamn i didnt know u lived out there. good shit =]


im taking 984 E. Badillo St., Suite C Covina


I got the one in Santa Clarita on Magic Mtn Pkwy. Fuck, if these only happened at different times. Then I could fuckin’ take the one that’s a mile away from that as well.

-Tha Hindu