SoCal Garou Gathering June 9th at Cerritos

Another Garou gathering this Sat June 9th at 11am to 9pm, anyone is welcome to come learn/play the game. If anyone needs directions just PM me or Magician or Master Giby (mainly me though). Lets all come out and have a good time.

Mainly you? Damn, someone’s hungry for attention.

For those of you who’re wondering, we do more than just Garou, but most of the gaming is Garou. Some of us mess with other games, so feel free to ask and see if we play what you play.

Ok, the meet for this sat is from 12:30-7pm. See yalls there.

Keep Play’n. Peace

Another good meet. Thanks for come’n out. “OMG, do NOT mess w/ these guys! Your money is as good as gone if you dare go against the West!” Keep up’n those skills. I just want see the West to fill up all the top spots. In the mean time, can’t wait for my XB to come back all pimped out and ready to go for Evo.

Keep Play’n. Peace

So I am a newb and wandering what the hell is Garou?

Garou MOTW (Mark of the Wolves) is the last Fatal Fury title that was produced by SNK. The engine is somewhat similar to Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike, but is still a very different game. If you want to dig up more info on it you can try the wiki.