Socal GG Slash Thread:Let's Rock!


It has Begun!


Yes it has :slight_smile:


Omg Slash Is Out?!




Oh No you didnt.


Sss= Stop Spamin Suckass <–


I need to get used to arcade Slash. Couldn’t pull off much controller shit. Jackhound combos are fun. Also, during the day, you can’t see half the screen, there’s a big ass glare on the top half of the already crappy screen.

UCLA for sure on Friday.

vv v v vv bizarro who you use?


Yup. Almost impossible to tell how much health you have left.


everyone, i have an announcement:
i now have slash



Holy Order Sol:

Rock It, Action Charge, FRC, Bandit Revolver Prototype.

Bandit Revolver Prototype, whiff, FRC, land, 2HS/Gun Blaze.

2S, 6HS, RC, Running jump J.HS, J.D, Jump Cancel, J.HS, J.D, Storm Viper. (As seen in Wargasm tutorial.)


LA guys (bizarro, Gaming Sage, Phaethon, PIG, Hellmonkey , whoeverelse …) found out that I’ll be leaving LA a little early to have dinner with a couple friends back down in SD. Guess that translates down to "have fun without me guys :sad: " If I get the chance tho, I probably might drop by some random time (if time permits) and play a game or two. Btw, judging by the pics Phaethon posted at DL, that glare is horrible, hope everything esle is cool tho!

Also, finally got my hands on a copy of slash, still plan to order it but at least now I can finally get the jump on things.


So I’ll post it here in case anyone missed it. This friday at my house we will be playing slash. Sd crew assemble.

Just got it last night and seems really fun. Dizzy plays really different. The delayed spear is much better than I had initially thought. It makes it really easy to close gaps that you couldnt do anything else about before. Im still getting used to switching up some of her bnb combos though.


what time does ucla arcade close?




@gamingsage: I played baiken and dizzy in reload, probably will start out with baiken in slash

@selfscience+nocturnal: I never stayed until they closed, but I’m pretty sure it’s 11pm on the weekdays, since that should be when ackerman closes? Anyone wanna confirm?

In other news, I just ordered my very first fighting stick yesterday, and I checked the tracking data on play-asia and they confirmed that it’s already been shipped out! Meaning very soon, I’ll finally be able to play stick! :bgrin:


are the sticks japanese?


Yeah…post 17 bitches.


There was like 1,500 posts in the #R thread. Now it’s 18 on this one! Haha. Slash.


man, anji lost his sweep s-fuujin RC 5p on >_<

wait a minute, is anyone who plays Anji allowed to complain? :slight_smile:


yo KBlach I might come down tomorrow (Friday) to play some games. I don’t know where you live though!!!