SoCal Guilty Gear XX/#R

So I wanna know what the deal is now that #R is out with its domestic release. Would people want to attend XX tourneys at the arcade still or have console #R tourneys? I’m just asking because I think there are a lot of good GG players in different areas of SoCal and it’s important to get everybody’s opinion on this. I’m also willing to lend a hand in helping organize the GG comp around here since other parts of the U.S. have started throwing #R tourneys already. :tup:

I just noticed this thread! I think, as a whole, SoCal is playing #R more than XX. A lot of people I know agree that #R is a better game, and I think Evo is making the switch too.

where are people playing #R? can i come?

hey matt… u know the differences w/ millia on #R? all i know are her combos are weaker. :amazed:

Sup Josh! Here is a list of Millia’s changes. It’s from the forums, and it was originally posted on SRK by my homie Kugler a long time ago.

Millia’s changes in #R

Movement: Air Dash 22.0->20.0 dots. Air back dash 16.5->15 dots
Dust: Startup 27->25F. Recovery 27->23F
Jump D: Damage 40->36. Normal hit causes the opponent to fly sideways. Active 6->7F. Landing recovery 5->6F. Increased priority
Tandem Top(HS): Increased guard damage
Far Standing S: Added hittable frames as it comes out
Jump S: Decreased priority
Dead Angle Attack: Recovery 28->33F
Normal Throw: Base damage correction 50%->40%
Jump: Startup 2->3F
Air Back Dash: Increased size of hittable frames
Iron Saber: Damage 48->36. Base damage correction 90%
Bad Moon: Base damage correction 80%. FRC point added at 6~8F after hiting the opponent or touching the ground. Landing recovery 4->7F
Silent Force: Base damage correction 80%. Guard damage set to 10. Distance to retrieve needle 128->100 dots. Attack level 3->2. Max stagger 52->49

Basically, they made her airdashes shorter for some reason, changed her j.D around, made her far 5S a good zoning tool (dash in, far 5S->5H->2D is really good to score a knockdown), her ground throw scales more if you combo after it (which is lame), and decreased the stun on her hairpin. I think she’s still good, maybe top 6 or 7 in #R.

Let me know if you guys are down to game #r.

i only play reload.

Scott: I changed my AIM SN to “SirPhobos84”. I’m trying to get back into #R after Evo, but it’s tough with school and shit. I’d like to play #R sometime soon though. :tup:

selfscience: Is your Xbox Gamertag just “SelfScience”? Mine is (once again) “Sir Phobos84”. We would probably have minimal lag if we played on Live.

You guys wanna do monthly #R tournies? Bi-weeklies? Strictly casual play? At people’s houses?

#r for pc, byatches.

How about #R tourneys on Live since we all are pretty close to each other? Maybe the lag won’t be as bad? :wonder:

I agree with Fip, we should definitely try to do a #r tourney on xbox live. From my experience lag isn’t that bad, it’s still there but it’s playable. So, um yeah we should try this, I suck but want to learn

even on excellent connection with some cat right in the other room that shit still has input lag, which fucks everything up. fuck it, we’ll just start throwing console tournies.

sir phobos: yeah, its selfscience.

GG’s self science, I guess the games we played is proof positive that a xbox live reload tourney for socal would never work :tdown: I had mad delay, even more so than when I play Japanese players:confused: btw offline I could actually do RC’s and stuff just couldn’t show it :sad: my bridget looked like yukinose’s shit :rofl:Edit I sent you a F request I want to see that ky again it was tight

I’m down for some #R wherever. Unfortunately after playing #Reload over the summer and now on live… I can’t really go back to normal XX, especially when there’s no Robo Ky. Arcade Infinity near Pomona/Clairmont has a #Reload cabinet though. But yeah let’s try and get this shit organized.

gamertag : Dios X

im down for some #reload, got it on crapbox and pc. wizzzwow

Everytime I go down there, there is never any players on the cabinet. Mostly just KOF comp and 3s Ken comp.

It does have a nice kick-ass screen on #R.

AI is pretty much a Bemani centered anyways, I’ll be there
Friday afternoon-evening for a 2DX fix. If anyone happens to stop
by randomly and play any fighting game (maybe not Kof2003 ugh…) I’ll see you there.

I’ll be the random white guy there. My name is Andy.

Corona/Rico peoples: Casuals sound good, I’d like to play some
#Reload since Camelot is kinda hit/miss anyways. Since most of the GGXX players in this area know Alfred that would make it easier to meet more of the regional players.

Hey you

We should get more meetings on GGXX and whatever shit that is popular around Corona/Rico. Since people are playing #R more.

The only time I might go to AI is when they get CFE, just to try it out and use my Warzard characters. But I’ll play anyone on #R.

need more comp.

if yall ever play ian on xbox live, and you’re whooping his ass AND he’s using baiken…that’s probably me @ian’s place leeching off his #reload :slight_smile:

well, i probably won’t be playing on live at all, but yeah…i’m down for some ass whooping if anyone want to give it to me.

LoL I don’t even have Live yet. I’d imagine it will be too difficult to FRC my 1/30 sec. window throws with lag. :annoy:

Alright guys, RiCo is holding a #R tournament at UC Riverside on November 20!!! Here’s the info:

The last console tournament at UCR went smoothly. We ran XX on PS2, and a lot of big SoCal names showed up, like COMBO FIEND, Deuce, selfscience, Def1n1tely, Chun-Li’s Pimp, and DJ JAGO. So, I’m officially inviting you all to come and kill me in #R!!!