SoCal GuiltyGearXXAccentCore Results - Oceanside

1 Ken I(PO)
2 Purrin(MA)
3 MikeZ(PO)
4 Dr. Stormlocke(RO)
5 HellMonkey(BA)
5 Moustafah/Moose(JA)
7 render(JO)
7 xyth(RO)
9 HF-Blade(KY,OR)
9 CrazyDazed(AX)
9 Sir Phobos(JA)
9 Bakablitz(MI)
13 satori(SO)
13 Def1n1tely(MI)
13 david ly(AB)
13 ennvi(BA)
17 jon(BR)
17 Shktn(KY)
17 Blayze(KY)
17 TDO(SL)

The vids are hosted on stage6, meaning you’ll need the divx webplayer to beable to watch them. Some of them show a really scrambled preview picture, but don’t worry, it works. Sound seems to be off sometimes, but if you stop and play it again it normally fixes.

Winners 1: TDO vs Satori
Winners 2: render vs MikeZ
Winners 3: DavidLy vs Dr. Stormlocke
Winners 4: Moustafah vs Hellmonkey
Winners 5: Ennvi vs Jon
Winners 6: Sir Phobos vs Satori
Winners 7: Def1n1tely vs Dr. Stormlocke
Winners 8: Shtkn vs Bakablitz
Winners 9: Hellmonkey vs Ken I
Winners10: HF Blade vs Blayze
Winners11: Ennvi vs Purrin
Winners12: Xyth vs CrazyDazed
Winners13: MikeZ vs Sir Phobos
Winners14: Bakablitz vs Dr. Stormlocke
Winners15: Ken I vs HF Blade
Winners16: CrazyDazed vs Purrin
Winners17: MikeZ vs Dr. Stormlocke
Winners18: Ken I vs Purrin
Winners Final: Ken I vs MikeZ

Losers 1: Xyth vs TDO
Losers 2: David Ly vs Blayze
Losers 3: Moustafah vs Shtkn
Losers 4: render vs Jon
Losers 5: Xyth vs Ennvi
Losers 6: Hellmonkey vs David Ly
Losers 7: Moustafah vs Def1n1tely
Losers 8: render vs Satori
Losers 9: Xyth vs Bakablitz
Losers10: Sir Phobos vs Hellmonkey
Losers11: Moustafah vs CrazyDazed
Losers12: render vs HF Blade
Losers13: Hellmonkey vs Xyth
Losers14: Moustafah vs render
Losers15: Hellmonkey vs Purrin
Losers16: Moustafah vs Dr. Stormlocke
Losers17: Purrin vs Dr. Stormlocke
Losers Final: Purrin vs MikeZ

Grand Final: Ken I vs Purrin

Picture of The Bracket

That should be all the videos! Thanks for coming everyone.

GGs to everyone. Fun stuff. Thanks for hosting Purrin, and thank your Dad for the chips and salsa!

And the HnK tournament was a complete failure. We had maybe four people interested…


Good job to Purrin and Storm!

sorry for sucking :<

That was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and I don’t say that very often. In fact, the worst thing about it was that I ate Carl’s Jr.
Good games to all.

Mike Z - Team Gentlemen is a bunch of wackos…I can’t wait until I’m officially a member. :^)

That was awesome. Thanks guys. Thanks Purrin. And also thank your dad and the rest of your family (Wookie included) for putting up with us all and treating us great.

Damn you Hellmonkey and Ken I for stealing back my hard-earned money!

you should say the same for mike too

Needs moar Toki. -_- GOOD JOB GUYS! Ken IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~! Can’t wait for vids. I missed TDO’s appearance. Fucking car. </3

I had a blast at the tournament. Good stuff!

Great job to everyone that placed high, couldn’t make it since I had a bday thing to take care of. I’ll see about coming to the next one for sure, see you guys around.

Good games, everybody! It was great seeing everyone again. TDO, don’t disappear for another two years! Purrin, thanks for hosting! David and I could’ve sabotaged the tournament with I-No and A.B.A. but we decided not to. Also, big thanks to Josh for letting me crash and driving to the tourney.

See you guys at the next one!

ggs all. next time will be different…

good games to everyone. It was really nice to get to play so many people. I definitely have things to work on but i was really happy with how I did.

Purrin thanks alot for hosting and thanks to your parents for the snacks and drinks. Any time you want to throw another one or get some games in I’m only like half an hour away.

-brandon (robo ky player that wasnt stormlocke)

i wanna throw out a special shout to the Doc. the only dude from way back when that actually said hi to me without render having to point out me out :<

<3 Doc.

Hold Em’ Down Ken, Don’t Let Em’ Go To Work!

good shit purrin and dr. Mybey one of these days Ill roll down to socal and play you guys :slight_smile:

GGs to all. It was a lot of fun and I was glad to have met up with so many other players in the community and get some matches in. Special thanks to Purrin for hosting. Can’t wait to see the videos once they’re up.

@render - As stated earlier, we need to meet up sometime and play again sometime since I’m home for the rest of the week. Is there any other way of contacting you like on aim, msn, etc?

how do you do it ken?

ken i is a beast.

too bad potemkin sucks donkey anus.

Some vids have been posted.