SoCal GuiltyGearXXAccentCore Results - Oceanside

where have you been man


P.S. Someone give us a rundown on whether the known glitches and bugs affected gameplay or whatnot during tourney matches. Actually, more like a tourney report on the validity of the PS2 version of Accent Core being used in tournaments. But then again, I don’t think anyone at the tourney used Bridget or Ino extensively (maybe in casuals?), so… =/

damn those new AC slash potemkin combos are nice.

ask combofiend…

…he gave me a 2 lb. orange…all i did was add whip cream and salsa

^i cant make any sense of that but its funny as ****

hihi hot boy~~~ :slight_smile:

just working. :(:frowning: working kinda sucks. :slight_smile:

i’ll most likely be down during evo west so maybe i’ll see you then.

what you up to??


All the vids have been posted, along with a picture of the full bracket. Thanks everyone for coming and special thanks to MikeZ for driving Stormlocke to his car, Ennvi for driving Blitz home, and Shtkn for helping me move that giant table.

Hope to see everyone at the next one.


Good shit to Ken I. for beasting… and looking so damn sexy doing it.