SoCal HNK players/gatherings

Looking for some loacl SoCal HNK players for loacal gatherings/practice…

I know there are a few out there…

Any interested people, please PM me or post here.

Raises hand

Super Arcade has a pretty kickass HnK cab.

Never been there, only AI…

Where is Super Arcade located?

PM sent.

Hey AF! Stop tricking people with incomplete info!!!

Deansta, Super’s HnK cab has the weird KoF button layout. Don’t waste your time going there :rofl:


Thanks for the info…

So you coming down on Sat. Soge_King?

Hopefully yes, but I’ll have to confirm this with you later in the week. Schoolwork’s a bitch, and finals are around the corner :sad:

You suck…:sad:

I’m just trying to play Dork Geese here…

Enough with your communist propaganda :razzy:

I hear ya… Well try and cruise if ya can. :slight_smile:

Awesome, a HNK gathering! I’m down for some games!:tup:

LoL! He comes out of hiding at last!

I’m looking forward to some matches with you as well :bgrin:
I hope you’ve been practicing on PS2/in Super. I don’t want you to go down as fast as last time we played in AI :razzy:

Sounds good.

PM sent

I got a little better, heheh. I been practicing new things ever since i got the game for the PS2.


That’s good to hear. Looking forward to seeing the results of your practice :tup:

We still haven’t had our showdown at AI :confused:


Ok, so the system restore pretty much wiped out the latest update Deansta made to this thread, as well as my latest post. It also wiped the most recent PMs. If anyone was interested in the transportation offer I earlier made, please get in touch again.



im alright practicing but wheres lakewood at?

Lake Forest :wink:

It is by Irvine and Santa Ana area…

Ok, I’ll say it again in case people missed it the first time (before the system restore).

I’m willing to offer transportation to those who are along my way to Deansta’s, or even a slight detour away. I’m at San Gabriel, and Deansta is somewhere down in the Irvine/Santa Ana area.

If any of you are interestd, just PM with your address and I’ll let you know if you’re eligible for this offer. Even if you think you’re not on my way (based on the city names mentioned above), you should still send in your address and I’ll see if can make it because as I said, I’m willing to make a detour if it’s not that big.

Offer ends Saturday. Accessories sold separately. Batteries not included!