SoCal home arcade called Wizopolis?

After visiting nor cal and albert’s keystone arcade, Ive got to thinking, why doesnt so cal have anything like this?

Week after week where people come down and just play fighting games like the good ol SHGL days.

im close to riverside and if this is something people want to start doing, i can probably make it happen. alcholol would be welcome, and a great competitive atmosphere.

leave some honest feedback, whether you think it would work, and if the fighting spirit hasnt left so cal.

What exactly is it? – article about Keystone

Socal is just too spread out after SHGL died, so it would be nice if we all had that one arcade that everyone would go too.

Pretty tight :tup:

I think it would be a excellent idea and im all for it.

The fighting spirit is Definitely there. Its just finding the perfect place to play. Down here in so cal / San Diego area, its a big problem.

yeah, the only reason why that shit works in norcal is because the bay (south and east) are reletivley close to each other and freeways are not a fuck fest. max travel time for some people is 1 hour some like 5 mins for an avg of like 30 mins

i’d definitely be with resparking the love for cvs 2, and theres a lot of new things to try as well with the new games comming out

i’m all for this idea, and the competitive fighting spirit hasn’t left so cal as far as i know. as posted before, the only real problem i see is that so cal is really spread out and the freeways are just ridiculous.

other than that, i think it would be sick for this to come into play.

i think this will be really good timing with all these new fighters coming out. i always wanted to check out keystone II but its just too far of a drive. socal is definitely doable tho for whenever i take a trip out there.

would this be in riverside then? if it were to happen.

yeah riverside area, its almost like a party every fri or sat night

It sounds like fun in theory to me. But I’m not sure how often I could make it. Riverside is a really far drive for me.

PS: What ever happened to the idea of a winter SRK/Evo event?

sabre you fag, drive to norcal.

and god im so sexy in that article.


I think this is a great idea. Infact, I am calling you out Wizard to build that cabinet. One down only 8 to go.

Good idea.

bronson, maybe one day. if i ever go out there, its gonna be by plane cuz i aint driving no 9 hours to see you of all people! <3 teehee

I really like the idea, Drive would be like an hour / hour and a half depending how bad the 15 is. Sadly I just moved further away from there :frowning:

This shit sounds weak.


the drive sucks but it wouldn’t hurt to try at this point…more importantly, will the setup be similar to KSII (arcade cabs)?

What? I thought Cali was like the pinnacle of the fighting gameheads? I just moved here and this is what I get!!! lol but honestly I’m up for it…its too much new shit coming out to waste around fighting against the damn computer all the time