SoCal home arcade called Wizopolis?

riverside used to have a keystone

it was called pentland

Riverside sucks. having no arcade here also sucks, so i support the idea.

plus hella ppl live around here.

me/jesse/bill/jal/duc and some if the UCR 3s fags

This concept sounds very interesting, and I would definitely try and make it out. Would something like this be strictly arcade? Or would there be a combination of arcade/console setups?

Good luck with this Wizard.

im down

how is the mvc2 competition at the wizopolis? if its incredible, i would like to participate if possible.

sigh…read the 1st post next time

as long as theres tournaments starting at 12-1pm just like old gl days, not 8pm :rock:

If this really happens and the socal heads really do start going, you’ll see me at least every other week if not every week and I live in SD.

Edit: I’m kind of disappointed this hasn’t blown up to several pages yet. Are the few that posted the only ones excited that something similar to Keystone has a possibility of opening up in the SoCal region?

I would be interested

Hey I’m in downtown LA right now and the competition at JAPAN arcade is non-exsistant. If anyone else in the area is willing to carpool to said events I’d be more the willing to provide atleast 5 different styles of joysticks so we all can play on.

This will be my second home then :slight_smile:

If I can help in anything I will be glad to do it.

I’d be down for this if it happens. having something as hype as keystone in so cal would be sick!!!

riverside is horrible to get to. anyone who commutes from there to the greater LA area knows how coming home after work sucks balls. I guess the weekends I might come out for a visit

I don’t think too many big heads would show though, because the commute, relative to the ffa commute, would be either just as long or longer for them with the exception of yi who hails from SD. I might be wrong, but blah blah blah nevermind. If its arcade and not console I’ll consider going because it’s only like 5 mins further than ffa is and I wouldn’t have to fear the popo raining on my parade for drinking in the backyard instead of the parking lot.


I think the point of a meeting place like this, is that the FFA heads don’t need to show up for it to be successful. As long as enough people show up every week it’ll be a good idea. I’m down for the idea wizard, I just need to find a ride out there.

this is a sick idea. i’m all for it. =]

really if this place had another area where we could play some poker and we could booze it up, i would BE there every week.

Nam can you carry me to Wizopolis?

We need places like this to improve though. Hence the top heads.

Good point, so since Combofiend, Chris Shmidt, and Pyro won’t be there, lets just call the whole thing off. Once you figure out a weekly event where all 3 of them will be there every weekend, we’ll resume talks. Thanks for trying though everyone! :clap: