"SOCAL just sit down for a minute,we got it from here" Norcal Fuddruckers results


And Now For the Results

Street Fighter 4 ( 128 participants)- this had to be capped we had more people wanting to sign up.

1.Ricky Ortiz - (balrog,sagat)
2.Chris Scott “Crizzle”-(Zangief)
4.Alex “A_Rival”-(chun-li)
5.James Pirring “young Legend”-(ryu,rufus)
5.Anthony Ngyuen “Crackfiend” - (balrog)
7.Mike J.-(?)
7.Jack “masarap” - (ryu)
9.Hiro “hydro” - (blanka,?)
9.Pat “patmonsta” - (C.Viper)
9.Cameron - (balrog)
9.Jason Joye"boy of joy"-(Blanka)
13.Sean Hoang"Coopa" - (Zangief)
13.Long Ngyuen “LPN” - (M.Bison, Ken)
13.John B “Pgruvr” - (?)
13.senior Payaso - (C.Viper)
17.R.J"Rjizzle) - (?)
17.J.T Sales “moses”-(?)
17.Richard Li - (?)
17.Joel “Jmuzz” - (Balrog)
17.Andry"magus1234" - (C.Viper, Blanka)
17.Carlos Q.-(Ken)
17.Mike P.-(?)
17.Nima Partovi “Npartovi” - (Sakura,Akuma)

Third Strike

1 Rommel Deadeye
2 Ricky Ortiz
3 Ramin Partovi
4 Patmonsta
5 David A. Akaata
5 Nima Partovi
7 Marcos Sanchez n3ss
7 Alex _Arival
9 Marcel Sanchez Lintrix
9 Neidel Haunts
9 Andry Kare Magus1234
9 Hydro
13 J.T Sales Moses
13 Sean Hoang Coopa
13 James Lawrence LVC
13 Gaurav Lordxblade
17 Eric Lee Hitnrun87
17 Efren Aguilera
17 Jose Martinez Martija
17 Brandon Allen
17 Emerson Cisco
17 Paul Hindt
17 Francisco Palmerin ken8707
17 Parker Tse
25 April Halog
25 Carlos Quesada Squirrel Master
25 Natlie Turner Juicebox


1 Chris Scott Crizzle
2 Cableguy
3 Hydro
4 Lamerboi
5 Long Nguyen Master L
5 Ryan Ramirez Fil Champ
7 Albert Woomighty
7 John Dill
9 SeeJay Showstopper
9 Nima Partovi
9 Rjizzle
9 Kevin B
13 Mike From Salinas
13 Phumighty
13 Tyler Ramil Tyram
13 Dan San
17 Arhmond Rudolph Blk_brotha
17 Beef
17 Sean Latelle Kingkau
17 Bobby Somtakonne
17 Eric Lo Saitou
17 Jordan Voldez Chris
17 tony from Salinas
17 Masarap Jack/Steve
25 Eric Hitnrun
25 Perry Padfury
25 Jay Demir Dem-Dem
25 Aaron Hannon Shinobi00
25 Senior Payaso
25 Avre

CVS 2 ( 19 participants)

  1. Rick Ortiz
  2. Tyler Ramill “tyram”
  3. Senor Payaso
  4. Andry "Magus 1234
  5. Allen
  6. David A.
  7. Hiro “Hydro”
  8. Dennis
  9. Aaron “shinobi”
  10. RJ “Rjizzle”
  11. David Ung
    9.John B. "Pgruvr"
    13.Kevin B.
    13.Charles H.
    17.Pat "patmonsta"
    17.Charles C.

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

1.Long Ngyuen "LPN"
2.Micheal Cruz "thrust07"
3. Nate Hernandez "fudd"
4.Richard Li
5.Phillip Hannon "jaguardine"
5.Chris Dew
7.Jose Martinez
7.Shaheeh Khan
9.Tyler Ramil "Tyram"
9.Jason Joye "Boy of Joy"
9.Rudy Lyle Delumps
9.Dominic Rodriguez
13.Carlos Meyer
13.MArcus Sanchez "N3ss"
13.Aaron Hannon "shinobi"
17.Paul Hinett
17.Sean W.
17.JAckson Erkert
17.Ramin PArtovi
17.Joel Muzzerall "Jmuzz"
25.April Halug
25.Montry Soranthong
25.Aries B.
25.Eric L.
25.J.T sales "Moses"
25.Ricky Ortiz
25.Ahrmon Rudolph “Blk_brotha”


Rom :clapdos::clapdos:


good shit CRIZZLE


holy pherai! 128? thats insane. good job to placers.


Crizzle for Top 8 at EVO bet it!!!


cableguy/crizzle tie for 1st in MvC2. both split the pot.


A_Rival repping that chun!


Very impressive placing with that turnout, A_Rival. You know I like seeing Chun up there!!!

Patmonsta I love me some Viper too, good shit.


Good shizzle crizzle


Jesus 128? :pray: :pray: :pray:


lol thats what im sayin holy nutzo. I thought our recent seattle tourn was beating with 64…128 heads is what im talkin about. Good shit Ricky and looks like another marvel cat is rockin it up in SF4. Might have to watch out for these kats, seems like marvel crossover to sf4 is serious =D


Evo is going to be so HYPE!


next one we will have more.

And tell me why 15 yr old young legend will be taking all your money at evo. bet it.




norcal u 2 nice



Good shit Ricky!


I’m liking the title of this thread. :tup:


It’s funny how Ricky can play a character for like a week and just own eeveryone…lol. Such a monster :confused:


There was CvS2 tourney?!

Why didn’t I know?!


its only for people who dont get ocv’d by Hahomaru.

good shit norcal sf4!

i smell another norcal vs socal 5v5?


First post updated with cvs2 and Hdr results.


edit fuck it im tired of talkin shit