Socal: LANFest 2k7 Results (3s/MvC2)

Firstly, thanks to everyone to driving all the way out to Ontario for the tournament. Also, BIG THANKS to Joe Kurts of for giving us 100% of the entry fees (no house cut) which meant a $1000 pot! This is distributed proportionally between 3s and MvC2. I will be getting in touch with the Marvel winners to hand them their prize money. Finally, thank you Razerguy for the generous donated Razer Diamondback gaming mice and pads! Denjin Video will be giving one out on the website!

3s Results: (16 Entrants)
1st: Pyrolee (Yun)
2nd: AmirBear (Chun Li, Ken)
3rd: Arlieth (Blossom)
4th: Gootecks (THIS IS…)
5th: Let Blood Run (SPARTAAAAA)
5th: Sextaro Inoue (Buttercup)
7th: Kai (Chun)
7th: KoolerThanJesus[Electric Messiah Remix] (Akuma)
9th: TGS
9th: Nekuro
9th: Trippy
9th: Shogo
13th: Jeremiah
13th: Bustabust
13th: Jeesup
13th: PJ

MvC2 Results: (8 Entrants)
1st: Dark Prince
2nd: Fanatiq
3rd: Smooth Assassin
4th: Teki
5th: Mike Ross
5th: Chris King
7th: BB Hood
7th: Kevin

shit let me know when I can scoop that up, and thanks for hosting.

8 entrants?
thats fucking FREE money

you made a mistake partnering with them tom… you could have had better turnouts at FFA man.

was anything recorded?

Yeah, I got footage.

shodokan: In the future, we’re going to work something out further in advance. Distance + $40 entry fee + 1 month notice was a lot to overcome. But Joe came through for us, and I actually learned a bit and had some rare opportunities, so it was definitely worth it for me. it was not.

cool event :smile: would have been even better with more entrants though :sweat:

Shodokan, I’ll money match you for $20.

Raymond–I’ll MM you in a dick size contest. Smallest wins. You ain’t got shit on my 4 inches, bro.

Good shit DP and Fanatiq.

It may have been expensive, a long drive, and on console (:sad:), but I had fun. Glad you got my name right hahahaha.

NICE DP for taking 1st and FANATIQ for taking 2nd!

Good shit to everybody :slight_smile:

I’ll be releasing a series of videos from LANFest2k7, posted on YouTube. I’ll be alternating between 3rd Strike and MvC2.

Also, my apologies, but the videos are somewhat desynched. I could spend a couple of extra hours to get them transferred to a format that doesn’t desync, but that would get the videos out a LOT slower to you guys.

3s: Let Blood Run vs Kai

3s: Sextaro vs Kai

3s: TGS vs Kai

3s: Let Blood Run vs Pyrolee

Thanks, Tom!:tup:

parry, parry, parry, SUPER

MvC2 Vids:

Mike Ross vs ChrisKing (Chris King?):

Kevin vs ChrisKing:

Mike Ross vs SmoothAssassin (Fixed)

Mike Ross vs Fanatiq:

Teki vs SmoothAssassin (Fixed)

yo you got the names switched for me vs smooth assassin.

I was on the left, Smooth assassin was on right

god damn that was you mike ross? how u get so fast?

must be the new workout plan. Teach me marvel.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh gotta re-encode and repost that one, gimme 20 min

same thing on me vs teki. I lost that one but won later on in losers brakets.