SoCal Level|Up Tournament results

Street Fighter IV
Winner: Justin Wong (7-1, cammy, rufus)
2. Combofiend (cammy, abel, sagat)
3. Ricky O (rufus)
4. Shizza (chun)
5. Juicebox (abel, ryu)
5. Mike Ross (edmund)
7. ShadyK (akuma)
7. AlexMan (viper)

Tekken 6
Winner: Mr. Naps (7-0)
2. Aris
3. Chetchetty
4. Ricky O
5. Got Soymilk
5. K30
7. Just Frame James
7. Suiken

Great tournament. Great tournament. Great tournament. I had a good time. Very entertaining throughout, and Cammy dittos!

gytnews recap, and an interview with Justin and Combofiend


Juicebox also used Ryu. Alexman uses Viper.

Thanks man. =)


damn 2nd place at tekken good stuff Chops

Fun tourney, great seeing everyone as usual. Props to Jimmy, Valle, AJ, Walter, Moval, Bryan, Shgl, etc for working together to put this event together. It’s events like this that keep people playing.

SF4 was fun today. Glad I wasn’t too free for Justin. Great seeing everyone as usual…until the next one.

Good shit Justin pulling out the win. I like to see Cammy being repped in tourneys. I remember in the first month of SF4 console we were going in hard with the cammy mirrors Combofiend. Good stuff actually bringing her out in tournament, I bet you were rushing that shit down with her :smiley:

fuck being drunk at 4:00PM is way too strong.

Good shit Mike Ross for sucking at basketball.

Good shit Nasir for losing to sherry in basketball but somehow beating mike ross. I obv dont like money when I make these bets.

Entire level-up crew did an awesome job running shit in a timely matter.

My only gripe is the room we were actually in didnt have draft beer.

Highlight of tournament was easily when Cumbo did gay retarded modified version of Abel lasso in his chair when he landed ultra.

Good shit combo. You already know mang.

Props to justin without a doubt.

Everything was super well run, one of the best run tournaments I’ve been to in a long time. Great job to all the placers, really enjoyed watching all of you guys play.

Hopefully my commentary isn’t gonna make everyone who watches the vids put them on mute, but whatever, I had a really fun time doing it. I really appreciate you guys asking me to do this. I’d been avoiding the scene for a while out of frustration for not being able to play well, so it was great to have a reason to come back and hang out with friends.

By the way, this TE stick? Badass.

Amazing tournament. The grand finals were just too insane, the best matches I’ve seen in a while. I can’t wait to check them out again in HD and with James and David’s commentary. Highlight of the night for me was getting to fight Alex in BTP. It’s crazy that this tournament coincided with my one day off that I’ve had in three weeks of working thousands of miles away from where I live and I’m the first person to get randomly selected to fight and I actually win a round. Febuary this time last year I was learning to throw a fireball. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket.

I wish the scene out in Virginia was this big…awesome stuff. Oh and shoutout to SHGL for answering all my texts throughout the day, haha. Cool to meet up with you while I was out here man. See you on laggy PC SFIV.

gs jimmy for fuckin shit up and taking souls

not gs choi for making under top 8

best 1 day event ever…:pray:
congrats to peter,jwong, and ricky
Shane u played so solid till the end :crybaby:
Im waiting to see David and Jame’s commentary, cause Chen probably jizzed in his pants at the grandfinals :bgrin:
hope to see every1 again at WCW

This is why I play SF4 Props to everyone shout out edit later

sorry if I bugged anyone while I got FADED AS FUCK lol

much love to peter rosas made that one of the hypest finals in a long long time

and also filipino champ , I love this guy he makes tournies 2x as fun for me with the gambling and shit talk back in forth to each other :slight_smile:

more shit lol all of nor cal you’re awesome nice talking to john choi about sc2 cant wait O_O

Also to the tekken crew That was fun being drunk with yall watching soy mizzle from sd seeing myk drink a blue drank lol Rip ricksta etc also cheering on aris that guys beard is off the hinges.

little unknown foootsies mind fuck race for a nemo thigh sized shirt (lol)

best part is drinking at the bar 100$ tab fml thanks for the dub though champ.

All of Sd for showing up and have fun sorry cody :frowning: that sucked only 2 sd in the same bracket and we play in our 3rd game =\ gay shit shoulda been a float or something.

anyway more when I remember thanks Valle and the Level up crew g4g etc~

IS there a link to watch the tourny now that it’s over? I wasn’t able to catch it due to practicing :frowning:

I’ll be posting up the videos to our youTube Channel in the coming weeks. Top 8 videos will be debuted on our WNF stream.

congrats to the winners and thanks to all the entrants :slight_smile:

thanks to everyone that came out. a lot of work went into it [putting together an event like this in about a month from conception to execution? LOTS of work. – i finally got a good nights’ rest lastnight and i slept for 15 hours straight.]

we;re glad that everyone had a good time.

special thanks to ultradavid, james chen, rip and MYK for providing commentary on the videos – great job, guys. :slight_smile:

and a huge thanks to markman for getting MadCatz’ support. holy crap. we had a lot to give away :slight_smile:

TK6 is much more interesting with commentary, evne though i dont know what the fuck is going on.

congrats bro :smiley:

tournament was fun as fuck

my memory is a bit blank, as i drank more than a 3 foot japanese guy should drink.

a big thank you to whoever grabbed my stick and held it for me. that would’ve hurt more than the hangover.

i just wanted to say thanks to alex, jimmy, cicada, shglbmx, the entire level up crew and everyone else that had a hand in making this tournament happen. I, and the rest of the AZ crew had a blast. Seriously, hats off to you guys for your first official run.

My voice is dead right now from all the shit talk me and rickdawg were spewing during juicebox’s matches. we had to try and be louder than the other crews since we were a much smaller crew. Trying to 1up the large san diego crew during alexman vs juice was killing me. LOLOL.

It was great to see old friends that are still around after all these years, and it was great to finally meet people that i have known for years online but always seem to duck eachother at events.

all shittalk(just for fun and hype, no disrespect at all) aside from the matches. everyone was real chill and just generally having a good time.

Combo, mimicking juice ultra animation antics during the abel mirror match was funny as shit, and hella got people into that match.

meeting new faces is always a blast for me. filipino champ, online tony, slick626, markman(finally), ultradavid(finally again), hiro(finally again), keno, etc etc etc… i cant even remember everyone that i met, so many more people. It was great meeting everyone, getting in games, discussing shit, having drinks, whatever.

my sakura didnt perform as well as i liked(lost a close match to online tony that came down to the wire, then hiro getting the best of me in another good match). Cant wait til super gets here so i can leave that shitty(still love her tho) character behind, for my real character

Much respect and love to everyone. PEACE

I liked it especially sum cammy juice`````````

This was my first tournament so it was a lot of fun even though I got smashed early on. The giveaways were nuts, still can’t believe I lost a chance at a stick by losing rock paper scissors! Thanks for offering me that drink though n3m0n1c, haha. Also, my friend and I turned in a HRAP with white buttons that somebody left behind to Jimmy and the level|up staff. If this was yours I hope you can contact them and get it back.