Socal Marvel Under New Management

Thats right, I’m running shit now. I wil be coordinating 90% of the tournaments in Socal from now on. Any socal players that have beef, this beef will be brought before no other than me Dark Prince, and I will decide how it is to be settled. In the event Dark Prince is absent for some strange reason Potter will run the tournament and you will be subjected to his rule. What I mean by that is he will decide if you get to replay a mach because you feel the machine was broken. I now declare every Arcade from james games to ffa property of Dark Prince cosigned by Dipset. There will be at least two tournaments per month after my 2 on 2 which is gonna be fire. It took two months but potter got it done signed with dipset had niggaz like hu…If you wish to stop the imperializing upon your arcade, your best two players must defeat the cosigner and I. Until then FFa has been jacked. Reason: neglect of the arcade. I’m sure potter has already jacked camalot and regency. PSM and Cal Poly are taken by me, I’m even taking sorry ass super arcade just cause I can.

Now for the first case…Guy wong Vs. Fanatiq. Players may enter the thread and plead your case.

When I went to super arcade this morning, I was wondering why the employee removed his “Japan Arcade” shirt and then posted a sign on the window ‘Under New Management’. Now it all makes sense. I look forward to entering your tournaments Dark Prince

Fallback son…fallback.

Does your name mean “the flowers of pain”?

Potter goes to Camelot? :o

It’s French for The(les) Flowers(Fleurs) Of (du) Evil(mal)

=0 socal tourneys

I run regency arcade nigga. Since potter is ah G, I’ll let it slide…

Edit: I’d say regency has the best sticks in socal, if you wanna throw a tourney there and need assistance just let me know and I’ll try to help out somehow.


OMG just the name scares the shit out of me!!

what arcades are the first 2 going to be at?

DP is throwin one at FFA 7/14/07


if not, we’ll go for james games, regancy and ffa. and IF we take over, it’s officially gonna be H M G turf. sooooooomizzle, holla at me, neeeeeeyif!!!

WE GONNA BOUNCE SOME GOUDA ON THIS??? LET’S DO IT!!! YEAAAAAAAAAH! dope boy, do-do dope boy freeeeesh.

(both of these players personally asked me to post this for 'em, so dont get bootychapped on me over it)


Sorry you can keep Norcal, hype music and ghost riding whips weirds me out. This is a socal thing so you have to be from socal. If the chunk-a-saurus rex were to take over socal I would hear words like gouda, bootychapped, and dope boy fresh all day long. In the mean time you are welcome to listen to mike jones/bun b/and Snoop D O double G show you how we do it in Long Beach
OR MAYBE PASADENA, Inglewood i e or West COVINA. [media=youtube]q2oV_0HMebk[/media] hahaahhahahahahahah

Lol me and wong are coo now haha

i could talk hella shit back, but i’m trying to be cool 'cause i never had a problem with you.

btw, soomighty/reset accepts your challenge.

anybody wanna bounce some gouda?

that’s true yo, we aiite now, i’m down to see some hype matches though…saaaaay you (dark prince) and the iron illan for some cheddah

big thangs poppin, lil thangs stoppinnn

i hope to trek out with tha gooniezz

somethings going to happenn

get hype

This can happen on console

If this is to determine emperor of the arcade it needs to happen at said arcade. Console has no bearing on arcade.

if we are doing anything on console, i wanna see fanatiq vs dark prince ft10…

or fanatiq vs mike chaos…

i’ll even put 50 on fanatiq for either/both bets

i got love for dark prince and mike chaos (no mo), but fanatiq on a pad is just beastly

all about that cheddah