SoCal Money Matches MVC2 mainly/3s tentative

as most of you who follow the scene know, many matches have taken place in the past few weeks. if you arent a total dick and wanna play some hype matches vs some dope competition apply within. we’ve had top players including potter/dpc/soo/duc frequenting this secret location for FIGHTCLUB! we have had some new upcoming players like cyf/raul/david(dpcs homie with pad skillz!) so basically looking for dope matches and people to step up and put their money where their mouth is. do you got the $$$ and the balls? time to walk the walk and lay your cash on the line.

tentative matches still waiting on both players to confirm:

DUCVADER vs Finesse PT 2 - first time around this was hype but played on mediocre sticks.

DUCVADER vs Illan - can ironman illan beat spiral? waiting on illan to confirm

DUCVADER vs Fanatiq - one button dashes? 1 hit kills? can anyone beat fanatiq? ducvader thinks he can and fanatiq called him out! this one should be hot!

Potter vs DPC - magic powers of potter vs hungry dpc. this will be hype for sure! 2 top WC players battling for so cal pride and mad shit talking rights!! whos gonna come out on top?

SOO vs the world - soo is trying to keep his skillz focused and willing to play anyone for money at this point! dpc steps up and they are locked up in a 1-1 tie as of late. will anyone else step up and play MR FANCY? post up guys if you are looking to try not to get perfected!

we have some undercard matches lined up just waiting for both sides to agree also

Guywongsta vs SIN - i dont mean to put SIN on the spot, but hes an OG player vs a new school player in guywong. i personally wanna see this match, but if it dont go down :frowning:

anyways, heres the new thread for everyone to post up in. lets get some good matches going before EVO comes around so things will be hype and people will be playing up to full potential come the big tourney we all love!

we need the WC so cal players to come around and lets get some MATCHES GOING!!! BOOM!

btw heres the old thread :

just making a new one to introduce some people to it and hoping to maybe get some 3s heads to make some challenges.


TODAYS MATCH : CHUNKSTA VS DUCVADER!!! results will come later.


This is the new Official West Coast song for Evo. Cause I Don’t Give a FUCK WHERE YOU FROM

Good shit watson…but i want to see clockw0rk vs devilx…winner of that plays kaising…

then potter vs soo mirror match (s/d only), winner of that plays kaising.

$1960 on Devil X

Whats the minimum moneys going down to be held at fight club, I may wanna test out my skills against socals finest.

Valle Mr. Calipower. Money match for $100 ft7 at FFA. Ken vs Ken, show you the real Kenmasters


results for yesterday…

page 3 on that thread

more results

chunkstah over duc 10-4 ran it back, 10-1 chunk

chunkstah over potter 7-1

:rofl: you don’t know the strider family tree. Kaising >clock >devil x> kaising. So I would need Kaising to beat clock, then I would have a good shot at it.

so then is chunk the best in the westcoast?

chunk was on fire today. good shit chunk. more matches to come!!!

ill hit up valle for you yi, maybe hes down, maybe hes not, but ill ask!

20 on 5 STAR, show him ken yi!

ps- Good idea watts!

where is this happening? what arcade?

its on console this time around

can’t wait to watch the results

WOW… these numbers surprise me. Good shit Chunkstah.

WOW Norcal over socal…who’s up next to play?Can we sidebet on these matches watts?

Up next…MY DICK vs the world

ill run it back with chunk. last one doesnt count to me.

Chunk BEEN the best in the West Coast, where you been at son!!!

Wish i coulda been out there to get some of that money,