SoCal MVC2 console sessions

mvc2 sux

reserved for future post

Yea, its just the parking that sucks by my house. I just started to get real busy with school again too. Every once and a while should be okay for a session though. You guys have to bring your sticks though cause I only have one.

Oh yeah everyone I’m hosting Marvel Console Sessions too cept I don’t have a stick a game or a place to play.

Yea i need more console gaming so i can learn that sexy fastfly.
here is the video that i recorded at JR house 2 weeks ago here
Are you guys playing this thursday?

If u live in the Inland Empire and U want to play Mvc2
post up!!!

San Bernardino
Moreno Valley

Ima be in Fontana for a few weeks, where is the crack at?

My friends usually show up to my work and play.

But a house would be much better. There are a couple of good padz to play at around here.

When will u be down here?? oh do u know Orlando and Oscar???

Ill be down this fri for my job. So when Im not busy with that Im free. Not to sure what my schedule exactly is tho. Yeah I know both off them.

kewl just post up when ur free and i’ll be able to tell u when and where. K

yeah well Orlando comes to play at my work once in a while. So give him a call and tell him to come down here. I"ll call other guys and set up a day.

pm sent

WONGSTA-what part of socal you guys be playn at,near FFA?

north hollywood, sometimes burbank, sometimes at BBhood’s near FFA

dude magneto dude thread jacked yo shit.

stab the mother fucker.

lol, this is for socal so it’s good that he posts…in fact, if you want, PM me your console session dates and times and i’ll post it up on the original post

sorry the console sessions did not go down yesterday, me/pauloh were money matching illanjr/clockjr

next thursday for sure

Wongsta, team valley vs team asia this Thursday on console?

i guess it’s not going down…

jr is going to irvine tonight


Myyyyy bad. Run it Friday night? 10 is too rich for my blood :shake: .

^^ i’ll cover costs don’t worry about that…but thursday is usually my only free night

Hey my bad for not posting up yesterday about casuals with you and Paul. Can you play tonite Wong or no?