Socal mvc2 console tourney

Now that the Ranbats are over, I was thinking maybe now is the time to get this rolling for people that want to practice for Evo…

Does anyone have a place where we can fit up to 12-32 people? I was thinking that we need at least 5-6 TVs, and 6 Dreamcasts, and BYOC. 3-4 of the TVs would be for Tournament Play, and the other 2 for casuals.

I have no problem running the tourneys, I just need a place. I’m sure it would not be hard at all to get 6 dreamcasts, and 6 TVs shouldn’t be a problem either.

^ ^ ^ what he said.

How many Dreamcasts would be needed? And where should it be held?

^i think at least 2 or 3…and it should be somewhere that can accommodate at least 20+ people(cuz marvel heads come through thick with their entourage lol)
What about motel rooms?

i dont think a motel would be a good idea cuz then we would have to collect money for the motel on top of the entrance fee. unless we have any generous people that would like to donate for a motel room? but around 2-3 dreamcast would be good.

Where are yall having it at cuz i want to come.

don’t know yet,that’s why we need ideas.

why dont you do it like evo, but first see how many people going to show up for the tourney. you going to need converters for people who play with ps2 controllers and arcade sticks. and we can have money matches, rival matches like soo vs finesse, and anybody that thinks there better than sombody. or we can do who has the best team in socal, such as best msp, best santrax, best ironman team, best matrix, best scrub, best strider/doom, and best low tier team. you should try to do something out of the box rather than just throw another tourney. maybe this tourney could change the way people throw tourney’s. just a thought

i have a dreamcast, we just need a place…

no you had one…lol,let me know when you need it back but i still need the dc controller.if you go to ff today bring it for me.

i can bring a DC, copy of marvel and a dc-psx2 convertor. just make sure the tourny isnt like, sat night at 8pm. what the hell ever happened to having tournies on saturday at 12pm so you could go out after it was over :annoy: :wasted: :confused: :sad: :wonder:

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i’d be up for it. im a ps2 pad player though… born and raised on it. i still haven’t gotton use to the arcade stick so i kinda feel handicapped when playing cause I know all my stuff, but can’t excecute it. the ps2 pad is the control i feel 100% comfortable with. yeah it’d be cool for someone to host it! the gamefaqs board tried doing one, but it didn’t work out cause of everybody’s schedule. lets make this one work!

you guys in Orange County right?

Me and bbhood willing to do a console tournament. but i want to be sure how many heads going to show. cause i could get a hot spot. if i get a spot and only 10heads show, that ain’t worth it. it’s gotta be 35+ we could get out 5 dc’s and tv’s but it would be b.y.o.s (bring your own stick) The area would be between burbank - granada hills. So If yall interested. Get some heads to post. We need 35+ to make it happen.

Rich,what up…yea lets get this going im down

everyone has a DC, marvel a stick and converters.

we just a need a location. i cant think of a place where its just empty space with power outlets everywhere unless your thinking of renting out a place.

Someone could donate there house for a day and cap the tourney at 16 so it doesnt get too crazy. we can just order pizza or sumtin

I will be owning 3 dreamcasts soon so yea. I can even bring my t.v. . We could mention this to shogo to get things recorded. It could be an official denjin-video tourney.

I can bring 3 dreamcast, 5 copies of MVC2 with one mas stick and 1 VGA. Count me in…

id be down to go. i can bring a few with me.

i can bring my t.v. if that will help(shit is heavy though)