SoCal MvC3 Tournament in Perris, CA Saturday March 12

Hi folks! The Perris Library in Perris, Ca is following up its successful SSFIV tourney with a MvC3 tourney!

Location: Perris Library Community Room, 163 E San Jacinto, Perris, CA
Time: 12:00 Noon
For information and questions call:(951)-657-2358
Joining the tournament is free for all entrants.

Xbox 360 Version. All Characters are permitted. Two standard Xbox controllers will be provided, but you are free to bring your own sticks and/or pads. Random Stage select, default timer.

Tournament is single elimination 2/3 games. There is a slight chance for double elimination, but that is depending on number of entrants and amount of time available.

Prizes: Wal-mart gift cards for 1st and 2nd place.

I will try my best to answer any questions here, but it is suggested that if you want answers directly from the tournament creator, you call the number provided. I am not the tourney organizer, just a friend of his.:china:

no entry fee right?

Yeah, that’s right. Allow me to edit the original post.

Hell yeah! Perris gamers represent!

Bumpin’ it up, just to make sure folks get a chance to see this.