Socal people looking for the TE


Video game geeks will be getting shipment during this week… They said they put 10 ps3 and 10 xbox 360 TE sticks on hold… They are also gonna have SE sticks SFIV fight pads and many others this week…

The only problem is that they’re gonna sell the TE sticks at 200 not included tax so expect to be paying 220 or so i think… It’s still better then some places like ebay and stuff…

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up… i already go my 2 TE sticks so im really happy…

The place is on brook hurst and chapman and i think they should have a website… just check up the name video game geeks…

good luck!


thanks man really appreciate the heads up! been trying to get a hold of one of these for a while!


Thanks for the heads up, but most gamestop in socal has the te in stock for 149.99.


?? rly ??


Some got them, but most of them were sold out immediately. What really upsets me is I went to my gamestop the day before and they said they had no new information and had no idea. The next day a bunch of gamestops got TE sticks? Freaking lame. I ended up getting one from VideoGameGeeks though. Although I had to pay the luxury inflated price, saves me time, effort, and stress from trying to track one down.