SoCal Regionals 2011 Results

SoCal Regionals 2011 Results:
**[SIZE=4]Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 **[/SIZE]

  1. EG|Justin Wong (Iron Fist, Wolverine, Akuma)
  2. MINE (Wesker, Taskmaster, Magneto)
  3. UVG|Noel Brown (Wolverine, Frank West, Wesker)
  4. BT|Clockw0rk (Doctor Doom, Strider, Amaterasu)
  5. FC|Jago (Dante, Trish, Wesker)
  6. Dios X (Doctor Doom, Storm, Sentinel)
  7. Vader (Wolverine, Dormammu, Doctor Doom)
  8. Box|Viscant (Wesker, Doctor Doom, Phoenix)

**[SIZE=4]Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition **[/SIZE]

  1. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus, Adon)
  2. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  3. iPeru (El Fuerte)
  4. RZR|Latif (C. Viper)
  5. CCG|Air (Ryu)
  6. Hugo101 (M. Bison, Sagat)
  7. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)
  8. Masarap (Cammy, Akuma)

**[SIZE=4]King of Fighters 13 **[/SIZE]

  1. LDA B.A.L.A (Shen, Clark, Iori)
  2. AS|Reynald (Saiki, Hwa, Benimaru)
  3. eLive|Mr. KoF (Ash, Saiki, Kyo)
  4. TC Yoshi (Athena, Billy, Hwa)
  5. The Answer
  6. LDA Romance
  7. The Beast
  8. CMD

**[SIZE=4]BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 **[/SIZE]

  1. DDC|DSMoove12 (Noel)
  2. XIE|Xie (Platinum)
  3. ZONG_one (Carl, Arakune)
  4. Huey253 (Bang, Valkenhayn)
  5. Nano
  6. Shin ATproof
  7. GC|DacidBro
  8. XIE|My-key

[SIZE=4]Mortal Kombat 9[/SIZE]

  1. 16 Bit (Kitana)
  2. vVv|Krazyie Bone (Cyrax, Ermac)
  3. DJT (Sub-Zero, Liu Kang)
  4. EGP|Tyrant (Jax)
  5. Flawed Zilla
  6. Balack Omamba
  7. Online Tony
  8. MIT

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  1. Kane (Lili / Alisa)
  2. Rip (Law / Paul)
  3. JustFrameJames (Law / Hwoarang)
  4. Aris (Armor King / Dragunov)
  5. MYK (Steve / Lars)
  6. Juggernaut (Eddy / Christie)
  7. Rickstah (Ganryu / Bob)
  8. SPMan (Devil Jin / Bob)

Super Turbo

  1. Afrolegends (Dee Jay / Boxer)
  2. Alex Valle (Ryu / O. Sagat)
  3. Muffin Man (Dee Jay)
  4. kuroppi (E. Honda / Ryu / Zangief)
  5. DNGR S PAPERCUT (O. Hawk)
  6. Digital Infamy (Ryu)
  7. Blue Tall Cans (Blanka)
  8. Synco (Ryu)

Skull Girls

1st Shin
2nd Copperdabbit
3rd ODD03
4th Balonga OS
5th At my Limit
5th Dantarion
7th OFC Kingsley
7th Koyunou

Third Strike Online
Coming Soon!

Level Up thanks all of our supporters for being part of SoCal Regionals 2011! Your support helps our community move forward with events like these and many more to come! Hats off your teams into making SCR2011 a big success!

Mad Catz
Namco Bandai Games America
Aksys Games
Autumn Games
Beyond Gaming
Arcade Shock
J&J So Cal Modding
Power Anime
APEX 2012

Community Contributors:
Fighting Gamers@UCI - SCR2011 / AE2012
The Box Arena - UMV3
Test Your Might - MK
Dream Cancel - KOFXIII
Level Up Your Game - TTT2 - Super Turbo
Third Strike Junkies - Third Strike Online
Epic Gamer Productions - Casuals / Pools
UGTL - Casuals / Pools

Special Shoutouts:
Fighting Gamers @ UCI crew, your entire team did an amazing job with everything! Keep up the awesome work and great citizenship to the FGC!
Jedirobb, thanks for giving us a helping hand and insight throughout the event!
CrossCounterTV, thanks for supporting the event good sirs!
Lina, Angela, Monique, thanks for helping with the frontlines!
Rochelle, much appreciated for taking the time in helping out with the cosplay. Even though we didn’t have it, you’re awesome for supporting the event and have a kickass Kitana / X23!
SRK / Eventhubs, thanks for updating the FGC with all the SCR action!

EXTRA Shoutouts!
To all that let us borrow your game(s) for pool play / casuals. We couldn’t have ran SCR2011 efficiently without your help. You guys rock!
To all of SoCal and out of town players that made it to SCR, we hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to making next year even bigger!
To MVP Tournament Wong - Congrats for winning it big at SCR2011!


SCR Event Organization:
Alex Valle / Jimmy Nguyen

UCI Event Coordinators:
Fighting Gamers @ UCI

Level Up Stream Producers:
Frank Reyes
AJ Papa
Louis Vigil

HD Cameraman:
Tony Chung

James Chen

Art / Graphics:
Jimmy Nguyen
Anna Kooiman
Naomi Baker

Bryan Gateb
Chris Kang

Red Rapper
Boss Logic

Ryan Kim

Music by:

Thanks for tuning in everyone and we’ll see you at SCR2012!

  • Alex Valle
    President - Level Up LLC

It was a great tournament, Valle. Thanks for another one in the history books

This tournament was hella better than Revelations. Tournament ran great and looked great. Thank you Level Up and everyone else involved.

3rd Strike results not coming anymore?

Edit: found them