Socal Regionals 2015

Haven’t watched everything but from what i was able to watch

  • Reynald was on a roll (he even OCVed Misterio) but it all came crashig when he went up against Misterio and he lost 0-3 to both Misterio and lost another 0-3 to Xiaohai thereafter

  • Xiaohai IMO has the best Iori and Karate to date, although for Kim i maintain MadKOF is still above him

  • Misterio is the man to beat and he has beaten every top player outside of Bala (only Tokido at least when it comes to one on one is the closest to come to beating him in FT-something sets)

I still maintain that a Focused Reynald with less emphasis on flashiness AND with practice (he stated on his twitter that he had zero practice) is still above Xiaohai

But right now the Top 4 (overall) for me in kof are

MadKOF Xiaohai and Tokido (even if he doesn’t play much nowadays)

with Reynald (currently) below them by a tiny bit