SoCal Regionals - Jaguar Kickin' All Night

Starts in 3 hours. Everyone get hype for some Gamerbee. His performance at SB was decent, but it will be interesting to see how he does with the stacked lineup in SoCal.

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gamerbee knocked into losers by ricky then eliminated by vangief! im quite gutted!

Ugh watching the Vangief matchup made me cringe

I hate playing zangief with adon more than any other character. it forces you to play their game, can’t just roll up on them like you wanna :mad:. though i dont think its his worst match up by any means lol.

That was very apparent in gamerbee vs vangief (he played amazingly well and deserved the win). if you watch vance’s matches you’ll see he’s used to the bobbing backwards and forwards type of match. He has to play that kind of match the vast majority of the time. Whereas that’s not how gamerbee plays, constantly having to figure the exact spacing or he’d eat SPD, feel the other guy out and play with major restraint instead of taking it to his opponent like he would usually do.

It was damn risky for gamerbee to perform jaguar kicks both air and in ground. The chip damage is worthless against the constant threat of being spd’ed. Even doing an ultra low iajk wasn’t safe because his next move MUST have been a back dash in order to not get caught in zangiefs spd, and vangief didnt realize he could do his ex hand move to anticipate until later in the game.
Adon vs Zangief is a 6-4 match up AT LEAST ( some say 7-3 but I wouldnt go that far ).
Still Vangief doing that out of nowhere jump air short was just damn random and weird.

yeah I don’t know why he was doing jaguar kicks period. I find that high kick JK is great for keeping pressure on Gief, since the only thing he can really do about it is ex green hand, and thats the only one I use in the gief match up. I completely rule out air jaguar kicks and lk/mk jaguar kicks

for me i never thought Gamerbee is that great. He does too many random risky things. He performed well against many top tier pro at one time. But I feel most pro didn’t think he would have chosen the risky option. I saw a Hong Kong VS Taiwan video, gamerbee didn’t perform well either.

The real question is would you do better? :slight_smile:

dude was just trying to express his opinion and you’re gonna put him on the spot? really…