SoCal SF4 Tournament James Games Arcade, Upland CA RESULTS!

Top 8

1st - (DT1) Art: $125
2nd - Tatsu: $35
3rd - Vicious: $15
4th - Kodi Hover
5th - Destruct1ve
5th - Jerry Alvarez
7th - Brentt Franks
7th - Joe Dubbs

The next one is going to be on March the 12th, be sure to come on out. Hope to see you guys there.

Art is the new Mike Ross

Honda’s can win tournaments?! Who knew? lol

Nice seeing everyone tonight.

Shotout to the High Desert guys.

Add me on XBL fools.

Last night was really hype. I was glad to see some fresh faces at James Games. Big shout out to the guys coming from the valley and anyone else who made a drive to come out last night. Sorry I couldn’t add you in late Chef (I know you made a long drive), but thanks for sticking around for the whole night.

oh wow! this is the place i FIRST played sf4 at…i was back in cali for 2 weeks on vacation from the philippines and i decided to head on out to check out the game. good stuff! high desert area FTW

Yeah Art

Good seeing all the regular homies and the ones I haven’t seen in awhile, like Kody and Black Pyro. Nice meeting new folks like Jerry Alvarez. Thanks to Destructive for lending me those quarters!! Tatsu you da man! (or girl? Whatever…)

Big thanks to Axis for giving me a heads up! Tourney ran smooth and made my first time at James Games pretty awesome.

Haha yeah right. Mike Ross will always be the new Mike Ross!

was totally gonna make an awesome post about how great i am and how FREE everyone is but i am in no position to talk. art is too strong…!

also this was a chill tourney, axis is very hospitable

??? nyo ho ho ho, free.

nobody as free as me…

salty still

I still need to know how Tatsu manages to to stay so beautiful.

Garnier Fructis and some avon shit, I mean that’s how I stay so beautiful :rofl:

@Tatsu, you’re just lucky I lost the match before I had to play you… Vega’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE:razzy:

@Art, You know those lucky quarters were the key to success! :wgrin: