SoCal SF4 Tourney, Mar. 12th, James Games Arcade, Upland CA

James Games Arcade will be holding another SF4 Tourney on Friday Mar. the 12th

James Games Arcade, Upland CA
364 W Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 946-4438

  • Sign up starts @ 5pm
  • Tourney starts @ 7pm
  • 5$ Entry fee
  • 70/20/10 pay out (subject to change according to turn out)
  • Double Elimination
  • Two SF4 set ups
  • $1 of all entries will go to a mass pot to be given out at a future event.
  • The current pot is at approx. $140

Our last tournament was a great success attracting players from all over the socal area. If you are new to the scene or a veteran, it’s worth the trip.

If you have attended any of our previous tournaments please feel free to post your responses to the event. We are always looking for ways to make out tournaments top notch. Hope to see every one on the 12th.


Will be there. I’ll leave like 3 hours in advance this time to make it, haha.

Also you put “James James Arcade” in the title, heh.

how long do these tournaments usually last? and is there a cap?

This event normally runs untill about midnight and we haven’t had to put a cap on the event yet, but if we were to inforce one it would most likely me 64 entrants.

ok. sounds good. thanks

Yeah sorry we couldn’t add you in last time chef, but the tourney was already underway and rick didn’t want to let any more people add. If it was up to me I could have worked something out. Hope you can make it on time this time around.

To every one that had issues with the sticks on the sf4 cabs, they were recently replaced with new ones :slight_smile:

less then a week to go

I wish I could join it, but I always get out of work at 730, I’ll drop by to check it out tho

Be sure to do that. Every one is pretty friendly and we normally got something cool going on afterwards (afterparty?) If you can, try to change your schedule around so you can make it to the 2v2 tourney we are haveing on the 26th 2v2 MADNNESS @ James Games Arcade . That event is going to be off the hook.

Two JG tournies in a row? Nice.

Totally planning on going to this, scrubbing out and then watching good players lol

Wonder Chef: Yep!!! James Games is trying to step it up.
Binkley: Good shit man!!! Be sure to check out our other thread for the 2v2 tourney we are holding on 3/26/10.

Less than 48 hours to go guys. hope to see you all this friday.

gonna try and make this
never been to james game b4 =)

If you have never been to james games for our events or you have never been there AT ALL, check out the results tread from our previous tourney to see some other peoples experiance with james games.

see you there. D:


lookin forward to it

I’ll be there to give someone a free boost to the 2nd round!