Socal ssbb tourny MARCH 8TH (Play 2 tourny's for the price of 1)

more info coming soon

Gameplay/ spin fusion
10937 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

march 8th
sign-ups at 11:00
tourny starts at 1pm
entry: $5 ( if you pre-order the game with the store then they’ll pay for your entry fee)

4 stock
items off including smashball off
8 min. time limit
best 2 out of 3
finals 3 out of 5
(losers of semi finals will play for third and that’ll be best 2out of 3)
BATTLEFIELD until top 32
other stages will be anounced at tourny
1st gets 70% a copy of ssbb, a bonus match with a “mysterious” player for a special prize, and a trophy (seen trophy looks very nice)

call the store for more info
(310) 842-7776

people who want to play in the gamestop tourny there’s one on venice and overland, a few blocks away from the store so you can play in ours and in theirs

also, they said if they can get enough people to come spike tv might come to cover it

updated time of tourny