SoCal Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 Thread

I decided to make this thread for SoCal players who might be interested in the upcoming Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 release on PS2. The game is available next week, 4/9 specifically. I’m really excited about this upcoming release namely because I played the original AH2 a while back in arcades, but those same arcades that got it didn’t keep it for very long because of stupid reasons.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this title for a while and I find it to be very fun and it’s probably the next game I’m going to be grinding because BlazBlue doesn’t come out until late June and I’m pretty much burned out on SF4.

If possible, I say for whoever’s interested we could possibly meet up sometime next week to celebrate the release and hold future gatherings. I’d be down for hosting but my apartment is kinda small and I have 3 housemates. Any volunteers would be appreciated. :wgrin:


With all that out of the way, let’s discuss.

if it was avail for the PS3 I would be interested but I stopped doing watered down ports in the 16 bit era…dood

I would definitely be up for this as I bricked my PS2 trying to mod it. Also, I can consider this revenge for missing the Arcana Heart rave in Tokyo. I’m in the Westminster area, but I wouldn’t be able to host because I live with my parents.

I wish the game was in arcades over here cuz I am pretty casual with games now and know I won’t be making much of an effort to get something started anymore. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many people into AH over here. AH2 is a much better game though, so we’ll see if things actually change once the game hits console.

Well it’s good to see that there’s interest building slowly but you gotta start somewhere. But it would be really cool if we could all meet up for a “launch party” of sorts somewhere.

@Bonemaster: It’s ok if you can’t host seeing that I know what it’s like to be in that situation. But can you at least go to and from places?

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I am able to drive around, provided its not somewhere far like the inland empire or LA. Any ideas where we should meet? Is anyone gonna be obtaining this game on the launch date? Perhaps everyone should bring snacks?

Oh you can be sure I’ll be getting this game on launch date. As to where we should meet, this isn’t some “official” event or anything so chances are we’ll probably be meeting at someone’s house/apartment provided they’re able to have visitors. Everyone bringing snacks sounds like a good idea. :o Ideally, I’d say Friday’s a good date for something like this to go down seeing that it’s the first day after the official launch date. Not sure what everyone’s schedules are like but just thought I’d throw it out there. Should everything go according to plan, I’ll actually have a means to record matches of our very first session. :smiley:

Boy, i sure do wish you guys were in fucking AZ. This is the one game I want to get really good at, but I don’t think anyone would bother to play it here.

Hmm…I’m not sure if I want to wait an extra day or not to play AH2. I mean, it would be disrespectful to the game to not play it on the day it comes out. Even though I have class on Thursday, I’m willing to ditch it for something this important. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get pushed back like AH did last time.

If we can’t find a house to hold it at, perhaps we can find a place outdoors with power outlets and have a van with lawn chairs and stuff. Or better yet, hold it at OCC or another college. If we don’t have any luck with a house, I should be able to get us a spot at school as a last resort.

Well, the first AH never really took off here, but in spite of that we’re going to try and see what we can do since AH2 is a much better game all-around.

lol what was I thinking? You’re SO right saying that it wouldn’t be right to wait an extra day to play the game. As of now, I’m actually available starting Thursday afternoon. I’m not so sure whose house/apartment would be available on a Thursday (granted I live in Irvine, and Thursday is usually party night), but a spot at school? Sounds pretty convenient in a way. Just wonder if a tv will be available? :expressionless:

On Thursday I’ll be available from 10 am - 4:30 pm. I may be able to make it depending on the time and if nothing else comes up.

I remember my anime club at school had a meeting in one of the small rooms in the library. It’s cramped as hell, but so far it looks like there won’t be too many people coming so the size shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t recall if there was a TV or not in there, but I know there’s a computer for sure. I’ll look into the details about renting the room tommorrow. (hmm…I wonder if the anime club would be interested in this AH meeting…)

I was recently informed about some place called Howie’s Game Shack. A friend of mine told me that Alex Valle hosted an event at the Howies in Westminster. Would you consider looking into that? There’s also some Howies in Mission Viejo. I’m going to call them up and ask them what’s the fee to get in and how long is it good for and if we’re allowed to bring our own consoles and such. Perhaps you could do the same?

I will get the game on my HD loader, play it a few times, then give up.

Like I did with FUC.

HF were playing AH2 and GG this week, so let me know when you get the game and come over :smiley:

socal AH2 scene, dead before it started :frowning:

The port blows. Disregard anything stated above. <.< I’ll play it as long as someone else is willing to play it (unlikely) but yeah. shrug

WAHUH?! BLOWS?! I thought the game didn’t come out yet? I played it in the arcade and it felt fine to me. Whats going on guys? Im scared!

yeah its fun in the arcade, but im not rich enough to get a cab for my house

Head to the AH2 thread in the FGD here on SRK. You’ll see what I mean. <.<