SoCal Tatsunoko vs Capcom Bi-Weekly Tournament @ Family Fun Arcade 1/9

Round robin format, results:
1st: RoyalFlush (V.Joe/Polimar, Volnutt/Polimar, Polimar/Ippatsuman, Joe the Condor/Polimar) 20 Points
2nd: **Big Daddy Chris **(Zero/Soki) 17 Points
3rd: Tronzilla666 (Blade/Morrigan) 13 Points
4th: ll.nd (Doronjo/Soki, Frank/Casshan) 10 Points
4th: La(Rence) (Y-1/Chun, Ryu/Batsu, V.Joe/Jun, Y-1/Polimar) 10 Points
6th: O.B. (Ken/Ryu) 9 Points
7th: Rotanibor (Blade/Ryu) 6 Points
8th: Tangerine (Blade/Ryu) 5 Points
9th: DLZ (Batsu/Ryu) 0 Points

Decent turnout by our standards. Its always nice to see some new faces and I hope to see you guys returning for future tourneys. I think it went well for my first attempt at running a tourney, there was a little drama at the end but it settled itself out. Props to Flush for gauntleting the entire tourney from start to finish and coming out on top. If we go by schedule the next tournament should be on the 23th. See you then