SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom @ FFA 3-13-2010


1st RoyalFlush (Polimar/Ippatsuman, Viewtiful Joe/Polimar, Joe the Condor/Polimar)
2nd ll.nd (Doronjo/Soki, PTX-40A)
3rd Yaris (Karas/Tekkaman, Tekkaman Blade/Yatterman-1, Casshern/Ryu)

Pretty good turnout. I was happy to see a lot more new people this time around as well as our regular crew. Thanks to all who showed up to watch and play!

Videos were recorded by striderzer0 and can be found in the archives at .

I will also post the videos on my youtube account when the time is convenient.

If anyone knows an efficient way to merge multiple and edit .flv or .wmv files, please let this poor soul know!


For all videos from the stream. I will update the names of players and characters used in each match soon.


Thanks a lot, I was hoping to watch the whole tournament but I could only stay up for a little while due to me fixing my sleep schedule. :frowning: Good stuff as always! I wish my TvC scene was as strong as yours.


Here is the playlist of what i recorded from my camera


you should give this a try


good shit YARIS!! :smokin:


Nice matches!! Getting me Hyped for GAMME!!


i had fun when i went, sorry for leaving so soon, JaknDax was too tired to continue on! he needs to grind!