SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - It's Tatsu Baby!


Who’s got it, who’s playing it? Where you at?! Post meets and other things relating to TvC here. I’ll probably be bringing TvC to Denjin this weekend. I’ll post more details here later in the week.

-Tha Hindu


i have itn play it but i live in the walnut/diamond bar area by super n ai


Ah, that sucks man. I heard that AI and Super weren’t getting either. Well, at least people that the console version. I know that Denjin will be getting it so hopefully we can get something on for SoCal Regionals.

-Tha Hindu


hi guys

i have it and i live in downey


So NorCal has posted up regionals already for this shit. We gotta practice up, trek down there, and have at it. Put on your curly mustaches, it’s go time.

-Tha Hindu


Got it in SoCal: Costa Mesa


Got in only with one stick atm (Ken I’s stick). I live in Irvine.


For those that don’t know yet, Chun has a corner infin. Check out the TvC section to learn more.

-Tha Hindu


jab, jab, fierce lightning legs dash repeat




thats reason enough for any arcade not to get it. plus no Saki and Viewtiful Joe playable in arcade, boo. Capcom you idiots.

however lovepig, please play it at my house, i have leftover apple pies


I’ve got it! One stick! Mission Viejo!:rock:


Actually it’s something like A, C, lightning kicks. So yeah, stfu Pigglet.

Well, I know that Denjin is getting it. Hey, it’s a new fighter and hopefully the community stays with it. It does suck that 2 or 4 of the chars are console only though. Also, you cannot get the 3rd color for the chars in the arcade I believe.

-Tha Hindu


Scott you had me at apple


good thing evo is console <3


A C Llegs is the set-up…

thats leads into the corner…


ps.SCOOOOOOOOOOOTT you said today or tomorrow right.

let me know!!!


FFA has already ordered it. Though that doesn’t mean we’ll get it immediatly. Expect it like how arcades in the US got SF4, about a month after it’s Japanese release date.

However, we do have TVs set up for consoles if anybody wants to bring it in.

I remember hearing from a press release about TvC somewhere that the arcade version will have all of the console characters, but on time-release. I’ll look into it and let you guys know.

EDIT: We might have TvC in our Wii console setup at FFA as soon as tomorrow, no promises, though. I also don’t know when we’d get Wii arcade sticks, but it would probably be soon afterwards.


wednesday or bust!


Wednesday baby!


Anybody free this weekend?:rock:


I got the game here in Lancaster but I’d be willing to come down to FFA to play peps. I got 1 converter though :shake:.