SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Tournamemt @ FFA 7-31-2010, 5:30PM

Complete Results w/character teams used in tournament

1st: RoyalFlush (V.Joe/Polimar, Megaman Volnutt/Karas, Polimar/Ippatsuman, Frank West/Casshern)
2nd: Big Daddy Chris (Zero/Ryu)
3rd: Rotanibor (Ken the Eagle/Ippatsuman)
4th: La(Rence) (Jun the Swan/Chun-Li, Jun the Swan/Ryu, Yatterman-1/Chun-Li[?])
6th: Unknown Force (Saki/Tekkaman) and BBHood (Yatterman-2/Chun-Li)
8th: Husser_Brian (Alex/Chun-Li)

In addition, Lawrence and I had a best 3 out of 5 “1-on-1 tournament” match for $5, with one stipulation: I, RoyalFlush, was not allowed to use Viewtiful Joe throughout the entire set.


And the winner was…

RoyalFlush (Megaman Volnutt/Karas)

We almost filled up an 8-man bracket, but regardless, a good tournament. We need to get back on our feet somewhere, sometime after EVO.

Since a few players couldn’t attend this tournament, I already have the next tournament scheduled for this Saturday, August 7 at 5:30PM.

Thanks to everyone who came to the tournament, vets and new faces.

Husser_Brian: Thanks to attending the tournament after seeing you at WNF. I hope you become a regular part of our community.

Unknown Force: Nice meeting you. You have a solid Saki/Tekka going on, but just know when to use that Baroque to get the most out of your character’s damage potential and proper supers for combo situations.

DrTangerine: Nice meeting you, too. Too bad you couldn’t stay for long. I hope you can stay for the next tournament!

Hope to see vids soon! Good shit getting 2nd, chris!
Also glad to hear new faces are playing!