SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS: FFA 2-20-2010

RoyalFlush Posting…

1st JWong (Yatter-1, Chun-li, Jun/Chun-li)
2nd RoyalFlush (V.Joe/Polimar, Ryu/Ken, Ippatsuman/Polimar)
3rd ll.nd (Doronjo/Soki, Yatter-1/Alex, PTX-40A)

Vids will be archived on and post on

nice. how many people entered?

six people entered.

i could of went if i called a friend more than 3 times…cause he was down to go, but the calls didn’t go threw,
6 people, I really hope that Evo has alot of people entering!!!
cause if me and my friends showed up
it would of been 4 of us signing up, maybe five

oh well, maybe next time Edward!!!

Check this out:

An tidal wave of posts meant that a lot of people from gamefaqs were watching! People can hate on them a lot, but I’m happy to know that there’s an active audience watching us!

Let’s get a better turnout next time! Continue with the TVCUAS hype!

Another tournament planned for March 6 (if convenient).

good shit wish more people played this game

^ im wondering why people are sleeping on this game. Its not a bad game at all. It’s refreshing to play(to me;im a marvel player). Combos can look cool too and every character can rush down.

SoCal TvC:UAS @ FFA 2-20-2010

Thanks to striderzer0 for recording! Archive also found at

Sunroute being on the same day might have put a damper in things…

Good shit RoyalFlush, keep repping the TvC community in socal. I would try and get into this game but it’s on Wii and I’m too cheap to buy one just for one game =(

You still play Tekken 6?

Holy Shit!! Royal what a comeback playing against Tron! Tron you’re mad this Saki.i thought you had RF, but damn what a polimar comeback with the BrQ!!
Awesome match!!

Yeah, I think that’s why we missed out on Marn and one other player. The others couldn’t get rides or were out of state at a Midwest Tournament.

I haven’t been playing much T6 as of late. TvCUAS is my primary focus for EVO. I know the Tekken community is strong, so they have no need for an average Jin player like myself at the moment. I need to build upon a game that needs all the attention it can get before SSFIV steals it.

Haha, thank you. I always kinda find my Polimar comebacks difficult and hard-fought, yet ironic. Polimar never really stands a chance in 2-on-1 or even 1-on-1 situations unless the opposition lacks good chipping attacks or is just too slow.

Oh, and to answer your question about TvC hype, I guess it got a needed boost ever since it came out in the US, and lots of new players keep popping out of nowhere, but they are kinda spread out. I just wish I knew where the perfect area was to run a tournament that all players could make it to. At least we still have our dedicated veterans from CGoH still playing today. I try to promote our tournaments to all the online gaming communities that I’m in touch with. People of capcom-unity and gamefaqs have been supporting our scene quite well.

GGs to everyone and time to pick up a giant killer team.